A naughty delight for lesbians and other grownups

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Topics of conversation:

  • Life of a comic strip writer, the transition to novel writing, Marie’s own life experience that prompted Hey Diddle Diddle.
  • How cartoonists are just writers disguised behind a drawing table.
  • The healing power of humor, the need for comedy in life.
  • Marie reads passages from her book, talks about a few of the whimsical characters, humorous excerpts and tender moments.
  • The importance of supporting women, locally and internationally to Marie’s life and work, advocacy for GBLT community.

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Internationally published in five languages, award-winning syndicated cartoonist Marie Davis has broken free of the comic strip and is now writing novels. Her first novel, an audio book entitled Hey Diddle Diddle–A Naughty Delight for Lesbians and Other Grownups,  is a fanciful, over-the-top tale of sex and obsession.



Purchase Hey Diddle Diddle: A naughty delight for lesbians and other grownups (Audio CD)
Marie Davis
Motes Books (2008)
ISBN 9781934894095

Meet Elsa.  She’s a lactose-intolerant cow.  Really.  Elsa’s a good friend to Lil, her handywoman neighbor.  Plus, Elsa’s got a secret unrequited crush…a big one.  Lil, meanwhile, has a curiously fascinating love life of her own.  Their world is populated with a mean little dog, a virtuoso cat, a yummy dish (of course), a chorus of lusty kitchen implements, a grumpy wishing star, and an aging silver spoon with a consuming desire of its own.  Therein lies the funniest, most fanciful, over-the-top tale of sex and obsession you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. 


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