“Bill Gates meets Don Juan” – Interview with Sandy Nathan

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Topics of conversation:

  • The spiritual experience that led to Sandy’s writing career.
  • Sandy’s life as a successful business woman living in Silicon Valley, and how it influenced the core messages in Numenon.
  • Characters, themes, American Southwest, Native American culture, and more.
  • Thoughts on the genre of “visionary fiction,” and writing as a spiritual mandate.
  • How to overcome the struggles of being a professional career writer. 

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Sandy Nathan grew up in the hard-driving, competitive culture of the early Silicon Valley. “I’ve known people like those in my books since I was a child,” she says. Sandy holds master’s degrees in economics and counseling and was a student in the doctoral program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She has been an economist, negotiation coach, and businesswoman. The visionary part of her writing flows from her meditation practice and spiritual experience. A lifelong horsewoman, Sandy is a wife and mother of three grown children. She lives on their California horse ranch.


Vilasa Press (2008)
ISBN 9780976280927
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Synopsis:  “Bill Gates meets Don Juan.” Will Duane had it all. Head of Numenon, the vast, multi-national corporation he founded, Will was the richest man on the planet and made more money with every breath.

But a force he could not identify pursued Will Duane. The stalker.

Trying to win back the love of a woman, Will takes his top executives to a Native American spiritual retreat lead by a great shaman. As his caravan of RVs makes its way across the New Mexico desert wilderness to the retreat site, they become lost. All hell breaks loose.

When the caravan becomes stalled, the stalker strikes. Out of a horrifying attack, a new possibility is born … And evil takes a new form.


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