Reads Like Murder – In Honolulu

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Topics of conversation:

  • The enchanting island of Hawaii, and how it is a critical element in Reads Like Murder.
  • How heavily Pop Culture has influenced Donovan’s writing, Hawaii Five-O, etc.
  • Ideas, imagination, writing, and perfecting your craft.
  • Novel writing as a natural progression after years of writing other formats – scripts, magazines, short stories, etc.
  • Advice for aspiring authors, tips Donovan has learned along the way.

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Former business owner of a shave ice shop, Georgina Donovan ’s connection with Hawaii goes back many years including frequent visits to friends on Oahu. Long appreciation of the Islands has brought her a profound love of the aloha spirit and the magic that is unique to Hawaii. She has worked as a writer for newsletters, plays, anthologies, fan magazines and online works. As a member of Sherlock Holmes and literacy societies she has lectured at symposiums on books and literature.

Purchase Reads Like Muder – In Honolulu
Georgina Donovan

Dream Books LLC ( 2009)
ISBN 9781615841509

Synopsis: On her trip to Hawaii, bookstore owner Haley Wyndham is tangled up in disappearances and murders. An old ships log, a kahuna, and an ancient myth of a secret island complicate her efforts to solve the mysteries. Along with a local detective she discovers life can be more dangerous than anything on the shelves of her shop! Then the magic begins . . .



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