In the world today we as individuals have no clue as to who to believe when it comes to healthcare, what radicals and conservatives are doing, and who to believe when it comes to talk-show hosts. There are so many out there that have opinions on everything and everyday a new spokesperson is showing up.

Jacques Ferraris has written a very intriguing and thought-provoking book that retaliates against some of the biggest television commentaries. He relates in the beginning of the book that he wrote this book due to “the profound disgust that I feel for all those extreme right, ultra-conservative radio to TV commentators.”  However, he does go on to say that he does believe in freedom of the press.

One of the themes I constantly read about during the book is “what happened in believing in fairness, justice, equal rights, compassion and freedom of religion?” Let’s face it- we don’t live in a perfect world with perfect people. We all make mistakes. However, I do think that we are a society that wants our needs and expectations met immediately and we don’t care who we push out of the way to get it.

So why do we listen to these commentators on a daily basis- do we feel justified in our anger and pointing fingers? As a whole, we love to blame others for what is going wrong in our world and there is a lot going wrong.  Yet, these stations pay big money to their commentators to rile up society as a whole and they do a good job of it. Just because we might not totally agree with everything they say does that give them the right to blast our intelligence or say we are leftists, socialist or communists? Do we have the right to blast them?

Ferraris covers many topics in his book ranging from solar power, war on drugs, education, welfare abuses and too many more to mention here. I will say that while reading this I thought the author made some great points. However, his approach to addressing this might turn some readers off.  Yet at the same time he is very passionate on where he stands and I only wish that we all could be as passionate. As one reads this book, I think it is important to not forget we elected Obama.

“Greens” by Jacques P. Ferraris is a book individuals should read if they are unhappy with the world today. Check out the facts from both sides and make your own decision.

Purchase Greens
Jacques P. Ferraris
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449009267
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (11/09)


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