How Much Does GOD Co$t?

Like the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Kay Quinn warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing in the pulpit. These false prophets are wearing masks of deception. Kay maintains that these men and women are hidden behind a spirit of greed and that they prey on the hurting and fallen. She describes how they cast a curse of an addictive dependent mindset on these unsuspecting followers, putting them into bondage.

Kay’s writing is straightforward, often using jarring statements to create a shock effect to get the readers attention as she attacks traditions of the church, the need to study the Bible chronologically and the compromised stand of most church goers today.

Going directly to the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel accounts, Quinn raises thought-provoking questions that need to be addressed in light of today’s religious climate. She describes church members as being Pharisaical, hypnotized by pastors and bishops who build mega church edifices which reflect the prosperity message and convey a country club atmosphere while draining their congregants of their funds, based on sowing seeds of faith through tithing and sacrificial giving.

Quinn relates her own experience as a member of a well-known mega church, with a well-known and highly-respected church leader. She tells of how her prophetic message was acknowledged verbally to her privately and within minutes had been completely reversed during the public worship service.  This experience sent her to the scriptures, to study independently and get to the uncompromised truth of the Word of God.

The experience cited above is duplicated in other inconsistencies among those in church leadership, seminars, and other roles of ministry. Quinn points out specific incidents of Marriage Seminar leaders on the brink of divorce, and of physical abuse within Pastoral marriage relationships, as well as scandalous behavior, and sexual and physical abuse.  She goes on to alert the reader of the blind acceptance of their followers.

In her effort to be honest, Quinn becomes overtly frank and offensively blunt. She has chosen this approach in her effort to bring home the message of the condition of the organized church today. This will have an impact on the extent of her readership. In my opinion this is self-defeating; however, the element of truth within her exposure makes the book worthy of attention and consideration.

“How Much Does GOD Co$t?” by Kay Quinn is an effort to alert Christians everywhere of the need to re-establish standards appropriate to the obedience of God. This truth is one that should meet no argument.

Purchase How Much Does GOD Co$t?
Kay Quinn
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449039974
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/09)

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