The Re-Birth of an Atlantean Queen

As I read “The Re-Birth of an Atlantean Queen,” I found myself totally fascinated with Julia SvadiHatra’s life journey.  Julia writes about her awakening into knowing who she really is.  Her path has been an intriguing one.  As she has gone through her life, she has experienced memories and dreams of who she was in her former lives.  Three key people stand out in her recollections, Amelia Earhart, a Mayan Priest and an Alantean Queen.   Not a person just to sit back and recollect, Julia has journeyed to places where she feels she has been before.  Included in her story are some incredible pictures that are reflective of her personal experiences in prior lives.  She also discusses dream states that she has been in where she recollects some incredible events, including many of which involve initiations. 

To back up her experiences, Julia includes testimonials from people who were there when fantastic events were taking place around her.  As a scientist, she also has researched and extensively referenced much of the material that she offers.  She discusses correlations of her experiences to actual scientific events or possible explanations, and she offers interpretations of her dreams.  In addition to extensive referencing, Julia offers some incredible photographs to illustrate what she is talking about.  I found myself getting goose bumps over and over. 

I had two initial impressions upon reading this book.  The first was admiration and the second was appreciation.  I admired the author’s willingness to take on the task that she has in writing her story.  Just as this is not a book to be read in one sitting, it was also not a story that could be told in one lifetime.  The feeling of appreciation came from being appreciative that Julia was willing to put her story out there for the people of the world to read and to be inspired to discover their own stories. 

Julia SvadiHatra strikes me as a phenomenal woman who has not allowed her human shell to hide the essence of who she truly is.  She has not allowed a mundane façade to cover up her real beauty and essence.  She radiates beauty and strength from the inside out.  By reading about her experiences, and the incredible dreams that followed me in my life, she made me want to get up and shake off my fears and apprehensions about really allowing who I am to emerge. 

I highly recommend “The Re-Birth of an Atlantean Queen” by Julia SvadiHatra to people who are feeling compelled to explore their pasts and use that knowledge to take the next step in their evolution.  As you read it, you will find yourself letting go of the shackles that you are allowing to hold yourself back.  Ready, get set, go…

Purchase The Re-Birth of an Atlantean Queen
Julia SvadiHatra
iUniverse (2009)
ISBN 9781440141157
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/09)


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