Born Smart: Unlock the Potential in Your Baby’s Genes


Born Smart: Unlock the Potential in Your Baby’s Genes
Jeanette Bolvary
Lulu (2009)
ISBN 9781409252382
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views

Synopsis:  The World’s first book on how a pregnant mother can help her baby increase his intelligence before birth. Why do some babies develop faster than others? Even siblings can differ greatly in appearance and developmental milestones. Searching for answers, after an unusual pregnancy, delivered an out of the ordinary baby. Jeanette Bolvary discovered research published in 2007 about copper. This nutrient, potentially fatal in excess amounts, is also responsible for the development of the hippocampus and dentate gyrus (the higher learning and higher thinking areas in the brain). The discovery in 2007 of a gene and its transporters, responsible for the delivery of copper to an unborn baby, provide us with the information we need to help our baby develop the higher thinking and higher learning areas of the brain, increasing a baby’s intelligence before he is even born.



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