Male Voices and Views Challenge Inner Perspectives

Four diverse male poets lend their voices to a dynamic new poetry anthology, the fourth in a series of cutting-edge collections. Experience, learn, smile, and heal through the pages of P.R.A. Publishing’s “View from the Middle of the Road, Vol. IV: Pathway to Dreams” (ISBN 9780982140703, P.R.A. Publishing, 2009).

“View from the Middle of the Road, Vol. IV: Pathway to Dreams” is the latest offering in P.R.A. Publishing’s series of poetry anthologies. This newest volume allows a diverse group of men to share their work and perspectives on similar and wide-ranging topics. Lucinda Clark, owner of P.R.A. Publishing, explained in a recent interview with Reader Views, “These gentlemen will touch lives because they shared their words in a place that can only increase the diversity of their audience.”

The poets and their works are all the richer by being included in this diverse offering. Xavier Clark is a new poet, publishing one of his first poems in this collection. Daniel Harris deals with love, life, and history. Pete Klimek write about love, loss, and social issues, and Clifford Ponder explores life and social ills, and pays tribute to the unsung heroines of the present. The poets’ backgrounds, culture, ages, religious affiliations, and personal experiences influence their writing, yet many of their themes are universal. As Xavier Clark said recently in an interview, “Well, what is there besides life and love? They are honestly the only things worth talking about.”

The poems have diverse subjects as evidenced by their titles, including Harris’ “Baseball,” Klimek’s “Social Revolutionaries,” Clark’s “Follow,” and Ponder’s “Buying a Piece of Time.” Harris’ poetry is often family-oriented, while Klimek draws substantially upon his musical background and his South African home. Ponder, author of over one thousand poems, here uses his work as a template through which to view the effects of time.

This all-male anthology provides thought and pleasure for readers of all tastes and genders. In her introduction, Lucinda Clark states that she wanted to show the sensitive side of men. The collection highlights that sensitive side, but it also reveals how men accept, overcome, and process their experiences, eventually creating meaning from them, meaning deftly, subtly, and intricately weaved into poetry that delights and inspires, makes the heart sing, and the mind reflect. From the middle of the road, these poets provide a fascinating view.

About the Authors

“View from the Middle of the Road, Vol. IV: Pathway to Dreams” is an anthology featuring the works of four male poets, Xavier Clark, Daniel Harris, Pete Klimek, and Clifford Ponder. It is the fourth volume in the series produced by Lucinda Clark of P.R.A. Publishing. Biographies, photos, and an informative new interview with the publisher and authors can be enjoyed at

“View from the Middle of the Road, Vol. IV: Pathway to Dreams” (ISBN 9780982140703, P.R.A. Publishing, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores.

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