Is it Possible to Live in Outer Space?

Humans living in outer space and communing with aliens—it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Kelly Beltz, through research and imagination, depicts humanity’s future beyond the stars in a new realistic, technology and science-based adventure novel.

Samantha Gerris, a physicist, works for the Space Island Group (SIG). For years her work has helped mankind explore and inhabit space, but now she is ready to make her own outer space journey in Kelly Beltz’s “Beyond the Stars: Kataria” (ISBN 9781439222805, BookSurge, 2009).

Samantha Gerris is thrilled to help design a luxurious space resort which is expected to be a popular destination for adventure seeking tourists. Yet, unlike her colleagues, she was happy to keep her feet firmly planted on Earth. After tragedy disrupts her conventional life, Samantha reluctantly travels to Space to join her family working at the space resort.

Samantha’s new assignment leads to the discovery of a secret alliance between SIG and an alien race. When she finds herself accidentally aboard the alien’s starship traveling across the galaxy to their home planet, she embarks on new adventures and frontiers she never dreamt possible. Through it all, despite dangers and fears, she comes to a new understanding of herself, of the magnificent power of the universe, and of the universal language of love that exists for all beings, human and alien alike.

“Beyond the Stars: Kataria” is far more than science fiction. Beltz uses scientific detail and a little foresight to create a, not-so-science-fiction-like, situation for her characters. Set in the near future, the story relates to us all as our society becomes more technologically advanced. Beltz optimistically believes events like visiting an outer space resort  could happen within thirty years. In a recent interview, Beltz stated, “I wanted to write a book that made you feel like it could happen to you.” She has done far more than that—she has made us yearn for it to happen.

About the Author

Kelly Beltz has a master’s degree in science with a concentration in nurse anesthesia from La Roche College, where she has taught in the anesthesia program. She is also an entrepreneur and holds one U.S. patent. Beltz lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters.

“Beyond the Stars: Kataria” (ISBN 9781439222805, BookSurge, 2009) can be purchased on For more information, visit


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