Doug & Jackie Christie: Love & Romance for Couples

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Doug Christie is a former NBA basketball player and his wife Jackie Christie is a fashion designer. Their strong marriage has made them the most talked about couple in sports history, especially after the success of their book “No Ordinary Love” (2007). Today, they are joining us to talk about their newest book Luv-Pons! Doug and Jackie Christie have been happily married for eighteen years.


Topics of conversation:

  • Importance of the healthy, honest, romantic relationship
  • Infidelity and consequences
  • Relationships in present day society
  • Difference between romance, love, and sex
  • Creating intimacy in a relationship
  • Tips where to start “again” if relationship is swaggering

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Luv-Pons!: A Fun Variety Love & Romance Guide for Couples

Doug & Jackie Christie
Infinite Love Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9780979482793

Synopsis: You’ve seen Doug and Jackie Christie on Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, Just to name a few! Now, The most talked about couple in sports history and the co-authors of the wildly popular book, No Ordinary Love: A True Story of Marriage and Basketball, are back! Their new, much anticipated book, Luv-Pons is a fun, variety, love and romance guide for couples. Desire, passion and intimacy are all a part of successful relationships, and With family, careers, and the franticness of the twenty-first century, all a huge part of our lives, how do we find time for each other? we’re often asked, Luv-Pons, and we’ll share our success with all of you, and show you how Luv-Pons are the answer! In this fun, little, variety guide we show you how to keep the fire burning in your relationship with easy, innovative, sure-fire ideas and solutions!

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