Choosing a Topic to Write About is Not a Choice

Guest Post by Marilyn Randall

When writing prose and poetry, the emotion or feeling at the moment is the important factor and writing about subjects that I know about brings forth the strongest emotions. I don’t choose a topic, I feel it. Sometimes  memories of past experiences cause me intense pain and great regret or precious joy and comfort. I am constantly inspired to write about these thoughts or events that have happened in my life.

I often write about the time when I was struggling with my active alcoholism. It was a dark time of sickness and despair and the wrenching pain never left my thoughts. I remember how it felt to need the drink so badly each hour just to be as others would call normal. I remember the thoughts of how I was going to get that next drink to stop the shaking that had permeated my entire body. Powerful withdrawals were painful and when one would set in the complete focus of the mind and body is ‘how do I get that next drink to sooth the pain?”

Writing poetry for me is a healing experience; a natural way for me to share the pain of the illness and the joy of the recovery.  I am allowed to remember and share the agony of each drink and the result of practicing the disease and  each time I do this it reinforces my attitude of being grateful for my sobriety and that I hope to never go back to that sick place again. In my poetry I often share how I received help and how I was finally able to recover with that help. Hopefully others who can relate to this sickness will take from this the tiny spark of hope that they might also recover from their pit of despair. If my writing inspires just one person to see a glimpse of their own life and know that they too can recover one day and have sobriety and a useful, happy and even joyous life again then everything I have gone through and do today has been worth the entire journey.

God continues to bless my life by allowing me to share a tiny bit of my story in hopes that others might be inspired to try for their change as well. I might never know if I have helped someone else by sharing my own story about my alcoholism and subsequent recovery, but it is more important that I remember that I did what I believed was the right thing to do when I shared the story of my troubles, experiences and eventually hope and joy with others and for me that is enough.

Marilyn Randall has an extensive background in the graphic design industry. Her art background is varied, including business logo design, printing design, silk screened shirt design and miscellaneous mediums for her paintings and illustrating. She published her first book of poetry and prose in 2009 titled My Heart And Soul, following soon after she published six children’s books which she has both written and illustrated.  She is currently working on her seventh children’s book which she plans to release in the summer of 2010. Originally from Medford, Oregon, she continues to write from the serene surroundings of her home on Whidbey Island in Washington State. You can visit her website at


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