Blog Tour Exhaustion

Guest Post by Diana Raab

I am on a book tour with my latest memoir/self help book, HEALING WITH WORDS: A WRITER’S CANCER JOURNEY and I am exhausted. But I haven’t even boarded an airplane yet. My state of exhaustion is probably a combination of planning for my daughter, Regine’s wedding and these two blog tours set up for me since the book’s release on June lst.

When the idea of a blog tour was first presented to me by my publisher and three publicity firms, I thought it was a great idea—a book tour from home, how cool, no suitcase, no boarding passes, no security checks or airport transfers.

What I quickly realized was that in many ways a blog tour is more tiring than a traveling book tour. The part I love about in-person book tours is greeting and meeting my readers, visiting interesting cities and writing in my favorite place, the airplane. This list does not include my favorite pastime of people-watching in airport terminals which supplies me with endless story ideas. One major advantage of the traveling book tour is that it gets the writer away from the computer and the seductiveness of the social network scene. Surely, you will agree that we spend far too much time on the computer and it is leading to an enormous amount of stress. In fact, a colleague of mine was recently diagnosed with psoriasis which is stress-related and for this very reason, her doctor prescribed an internet holiday!

During the course of my blog tour, I also realized that in addition to doing my creative work, the blog tour meant I would have to write answers to interview questions and sometimes even craft original material to be posted on the host’s blog site. I was also informed by one blog tour coordinator that many bloggers do not like reprints. I thought to myself—gosh, that’s a big demand of someone who doesn’t even paid for filling up the pages of a stranger’s blog!

Similar to a physical book tour—the blog book can make the author feel special by spotlighting an interview. But in no way does it match up to the charge an author receives by seeing a room full of people keenly listening and enthusiastically asking questions.

All this makes me wonder what the future holds for authors. Are we going to become even more isolated in our writing studios? Are we going to completely forget our social skills?

Does anyone have a crystal ball to provide me with answers? If yes, I would love to hear from you!

Diana Raab is an award-winning memoirist, essayist, poet and author of eight books and editor of two essays collections, including the latest, Writers and Their Notebooks (2010) with an introduction by Phillip Lopate. She’s authored over 300 articles and poems which have appeared in national publications. She is a journaling advocate and teaches in UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and in various conferences around the country. Her memoir/self-help book Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey was just released by Loving Healing Press in June 2010.  Visit Diana Raab at


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