A Family Book club – How Reading the Same Book with Your Teenager Can Bring Parents and Teens Together

Guest Post by Kailin Gow

When your child was still in diapers until they entered kindergarten, you were encouraged to read with your child, a book a night.  This was encouraged in schools and libraries. As your child grows into their tween years and then teenage years, parents are no longer encouraged to read with their children. By then, everyone is busy doing their own thing, watching their own television programs, playing their own video games and hanging out with their own friends. Family time has ceased to exist in many households with teenagers as everyone is too busy to come together for an hour or two  to catch up with one another, spend time with one another and talk to one another. Can there be a way for parents with teenage children to bridge the gap so teens can talk to their parents and include them in their lives a whole lot more?

There is a way – by forming a family book club. 

What is a family book club? – it is simply a book club with parents reading the same books as their teens and discussing the issues that come up with the books.

How do family book clubs help bring Parents and Teens Together:

  1. Reading the same book puts you on the same page (forgive the pun) with each other as you discuss the book, its characters, and issues. 
  2. In discussing the book, you learn what is important to your teen, and how she or he views the world, view people, and view issues. In the meantime, your teen learns about your perspective. You may find what you think of your teen may surprise you or you may surprise your teen.
  3. Spending time together discussing the book can be fun.  Set aside an hour or two a week or once a week where you have a fun dinner or lunch at home or at someplace everyone likes to go and hold your book club meeting there.  You can invite other parents with their teens, other friends, and enjoy the time you spend together eating and discussing the book chosen. 
  4. Picking the books – in a book club, everyone gets a chance to pick a book, including the teen, especially the teen. To interest your teen in the book club, this is important since they get to discuss a book they like or is interested in, rather than what is dictated to them to read.  They get enough of that from school. But this allows you, as a parent, to see what interests your teen. If you happen to be interested in the same books and topics as well, all the better.  Aha – you now have something in common.

Book clubs can be creative, fun, flexible, and thought-provoking.  The sky’s the limit on what you and your teen can do with book clubs, and what you may discover through reading the same books together. 

Kailin Gow is the bestselling author of over 40 books for teens, young adults, and women. She is a mentor of teen girls and founder of Shy Girls Social Club, shygirlssocialclub.com, a social site for teen girls to get together to discuss teen topics, develop their talents and writing skills, earn internship and scholarship opportunities.  Kailin Gow’s newest book series for teens and young adults is The Stoker Sisters.

She holds a Master’s Degree Communications Management from USC’s Annenberg School of Communication, and Bachelors Degrees in Drama and Social Ecology from UC Irvine. Kailin loves reading, writing, watching old and new movies, filming, playing video games, playing board games, traveling, and location scouting for settings in her books and films.

You can find her here – Website and Blog: http://www.kailingow.wordpress.com


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