Importance of Link Building for Your Book Website

Guest Post by Irene Watson

I’m still on a roll about your book website so will be leading you to the next step. Now that you have your long tail keywords in place, you’ve analyzed your competitors’ sites, changed the titles on your site pages, and added some new content it’s time to do one more step.

So, back to long tail keywords.  As I mentioned before, long tail keywords send traffic to your site through search queries but there is another way that is equally important to get your site indexed by search engines.  It is called “link building.” 

You may already know how important this is and I want to reiterate the importance.  There are many online companies that will offer to do this for you for a fee. Some will pay money to post a link to their site in a prominent place on your site. However, with a little time and effort you can just as effectively do your own because no other person knows your book as well as you do.

So, here goes: (For those of you that know this already, please read it anyway.  There are a few tips you may not know…or it just might reiterate that you need to use long tail keywords from now on.)

  • Submit your site to web directories.  This is very time consuming and monotonous venture but effective.  I pace myself and do about 5 directories per week.  Here is a great list of web directories you can start on.     It’s an old list and some of the links are broken, however, it’s still a good list.
  • Submit press releases to free PR sites.   Be sure your press release has a link back to your site and you use long tail keywords.
  • Set up reciprocal links with other sites.  This could be other authors that you have a good relationship  with.  There are companies that will set this up but I discourage it because you’ll find that sites totally unrelated to what your book is about will want to exchange links with you.  To me, it ends up being a one-way street. Be sure you have the opportunity to post a one-liner using your long tail keywords when you exchange links.
  • Write short articles in the niche topic of your book and post them on article sites.  Be sure there is a back link to drive traffic to your site.  There are a large number of free article directories and one such popular one is .   But, don’t just limit this article to posting on article directories; you can post it on your blog as well.  Just one word of caution – if you are using be sure you post the article on that site first and wait at least a week before you post it elsewhere or on your blog. They scan the www and if the same article has appeared elsewhere before you submitted it there, they will reject it. They want to be the “first” to publish your article.  They don’t own the copyright so you have the choice to post it elsewhere. And, oh yes, be sure your long tail key words appear in the article.
  • Comment on blogs.  Search for relevant blogs and write relevant comments on them.  (If you don’t know of any, a lot of people use Technorati.    Personally I like Blog Catalog  because it’s not so overwhelming.) Building a relationship with the blogger is the key. In this case backlinks are a bonus and also effective. Be careful of not spamming – it’s a no-no!  Don’t paste your url in the comments section – only use it with your signature. (Be sure to comment  about this editorial on the link provided below – you’ll have an opportunity to create a backlink.)
  • Write guest posts on other blogs.  After you’ve created a relationship with the blogger, ask if you can guest post.  Your backlinks will be relevant and will send traffic to your site. Often bloggers run out of material or don’t have the time to keep up the blog on a daily basis therefore welcome guest bloggers. And, as always use your long tail keywords. But…one big BUT, be sure to tweet, announce on Facebook, and let your email list know that you posted an article as a guest blogger, and of course, give the link. Bloggers want traffic to their site, and if you don’t publicize your article it’s doubtful you’ll get another chance to post. It’s supposed to be a win/win for both, the blogger and you. 
  • Hold contests on your site.  You can have a monthly draw but don’t just give away a book to a random entrant. I suggest not even giving away your book.  Give away something else, e.g. music CD, digital clock, gift certificate, etc.  Hold an actual contest where people have to answer questions with answers that can only be found on your site. Don’t make it hard otherwise they will get discouraged and leave, and only ask one question.  You may not get a huge influx of visitors but you will get quality visitors that will stay on your site looking for the answer. They will have to read the content on your site and if your content is persuasive  you have a potential buyer of your book. You may also hold a quarterly contest for a larger prize.  Companies would be willing to donate a large prize if they know they will get a fair share in advertising.  I know of one author that was able to secure two airline tickets as a contest prize from her book website.  There are sites on the web where you can post your contests, and trust me, you’ll get the traffic. 

So… these are just some ideas. Of course you can post your link on all your social media profiles as well – that’s a given.  And how about forums?  Sign up for forums in your niche and use your url in the signature section of your post.  Read the guidelines though – some have strict rules on how many lines you can add.

Okay, I’m done on talking about websites.  I hope these past three weeks have given you the oomph to re-visit your website and  do some maintenance on it. If this all seems overwhelming to you it’s okay, you aren’t alone. I encourage you to do at least one thing, and if that’s all you are going to do then at least create long tail keywords.

Comments?  Please tell me and be sure you have a backlink that points to your website.

Irene Watson is the Managing Editor of Reader Views, where avid readers can find reviews of recently published books as well as read interviews with authors. Her team also provides author publicity and a variety of other services specific to writing and publishing books.


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  1. Thank you, Irene, for such a generous amount of information on expanding our horizons in the webosphere. I really appreciate it! I'm going to start on some of these right away.

  2. Thanks so much for the great ideas, as well as for confirmation that I'd actually been doing a few things right already! For one, I am running a Petlitzer Prize contest on my blog. I made up the name since my book is "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss." The first round was for pet-related poetry; the current one is for short stories. I noticed a substantial increase in the number of visits to my blog after I announced it, and I've been pleased with the number and quality of submissions I received even just out of the gate. I'm linking with Dr. Robert Forto, host of "The Dog Doctor" blog talk radio show, who wants to be part of the panel of judges so he can promote the contests through his sites and show, and I will be reading the winners' poems to be aired on his show over the upcoming weeks.It's a challenge to endlessly market, but throwing in some of these fun types of gimmicks makes it a little more interesting. Anyone interested in entering can visit www (dot) goodgriefpetloss (dot) com and click on the blog link.

  3. Thank you so much, Irene, for providing us with such a great deal of helpful, easy-to-following information. The time it must have taken for you to put this all together and share with your readers is amazingly generous. Thank you.

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