The Full Circle of Author and Readers

Guest Post by Isabel Anders

Beverly Pechin wrote for Reader Views of my book Soul Moments: Times When Heaven Touches Earth (07/06):

“We’ve all had them, those moments where your body feels comforted deep into the heart. A literal feeling of having your very Soul touched. Moments like the birth of your child, or the day you spoke your wedding vows or simpler moments when it just happened upon you, perhaps as you’re driving and glance out to see the precious faces of a group of young children at play.

“My favorite moment the author shared is one that I think many of us have had in our life, perhaps at different stages. … The moment when you don’t think, but you KNOW that your father knows everything. He can answer any question. He can fix anything in the world. He is simply the most perfect man you know. But then one day you too grow older and wiser and realize that Dad didn’t really know all the answers. Instead he helped you find the answer. Helped you experience the world in a way that simply told you the answer to a question you longed to find the answer to.”

Reading this reviewer’s insight again just brought the whole experience full circle for me, as I lost my beloved father, about whom I wrote in Soul Moments, in August last year. But his gift lives on it the things he made it possible for me to accomplish.

Reading books and reflecting on them and reporting back to each other what we have learned bears this huge potential, akin to the third aspect (after idea and energy to produce) of the “creative trinity,” of which Dorothy Sayers writes in The Mind of the Maker: “the Creative Power, the meaning of the work and its response in the lively soul.”

Without our readers the circle would be incomplete—and without the pragmatic process of “marketing ourselves” and our work, often so painful for the creative artist, the Word might go unheard.

And we all would be the poorer (in several senses) for it.

More recently Marissa Libbit (12/10) of Reader Views quoted this dialogue from my 2010 book Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom:

The daughter said, “But what of the work yet undone? Will not tomorrow’s demands press us unbearably if we stop now?”

The mother answered, “There will always be doubt and uncertainty while we are in Time. But such concerns must not keep us from the Living that all our tasks are meant to serve: the Being Together.”

Libbit commented: “So true in today’s hustle and bustle life for us to always be worrying and thinking about what still has to be done rather than enjoying the people and things we have now. … Becoming Flame makes the reader think about how the decisions she makes in her life impact those of the next generation who are watching much more closely than we realize.”

… and READING more closely … which is why we do this in the first place!

Isabel Anders is also co-author with Diane Marquart Moore of the Father Malachi mystery Chant of Death (Pinyon Publishing, 2010). She lives in Sewanee, Tennessee, and has authored more than 20 books. Her website address is


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