Love More, Feed Less: A Tasty Path Toward Avoiding Childhood Obesity

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Topics of conversation:

  • Importance of educating parents
  • Foods as rewards or comforting pains
  • Putting children on diets
  • How to add more fruits and vegetables to meals
  • Medical issues – bulimia and anorexia in children
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Randi Levin was raised in Philadelphia, and introduced to the preparation of good food in her grandmothers’ kitchens long before she entered school. While in high school she began acquiring the skills necessary for helping others at an in/out patient mental health facility, where she would return to for training and employment. Equipped with a passion, dedication and a natural instinct for helping others, she went on to become highly educated and trained as a teacher and mental health professional. Many years were occupied helping children and families overcome obstacles related to learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, eating disorders, emotional traumas or just common childhood confusions related to growing up healthy and wise.

In the early 1990’s, residing in the mountains of Colorado, Randi’s life and career changed in a moment due to a medical condition. Yet, she never gave in; instead she found another way to help others through the goodness of homemade food and her cookbooks, Baking at High Altitude and Sharing Mountain Recipes. Today she is an internationally awarded culinary author, who believes that knowledge and good food should be shared; and that helping others is a gift. Because, her passion for helping remains strong, she often reflects on the lessons students and clients taught her to help guide her eternal path to help them and their parents make the best choices that they can for health, well being and life.

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Love More, Feed Less: A Tasty Pathy Toward Avoiding Childhood Obesity
Randi Lee Levin
The Muffin Lady Inc. (2010)
ISBN 9780974500836
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (11/10)

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Synopsis: From the moment you open this book, you will become entranced at just how easy it really is to raise healthier kids rather than those burdened with too much excess weight afflicting their bodies and health. Yet this is not a diet book, or how to raise thin and fit kids cookbook! Instead the author walks you along a path toward first accepting that your child has an overweight issue and then how to make moderate changes in your family s eating and behavioral habits with ease and memorable, affordable flavors and activities.

This path is not difficult to maneuver, but it does take a lot of love, dedication and a smidgen of effort to ensure your child s health. Straying away from the author s reputed high altitude recipe formulas, this cookbook bursts with tips, hints and recipe variations to meet your family s preferences at any altitude. The pages are filled with mouth-watering delights, to replace those sugared, salty and fat infused prepackaged, previously prepared and fast food temptations. How could you resist serving you family Oodles of Noodles and Zuchles, O Cucumion Salad or a bowl of Shanky Soup instead of something that costs more and was previously prepared with excess grease, salt and/or sugar? Miss Maple A. Squash sure look pretty and she tastes so sweet and warm too, much better than that stuff that has been stuck on a can or bag for an unknown period of time. And let s not forget Homemade Chocolate Bars at a third of the price of those prepackaged.

While the supportive recipes are scrumptious the author uses years of experience helping children and families overcome obstacles to guide you toward raising healthier kids without excess cost. She offers various ways to get your kids more physically active, even if they are not athletic, and how to instill the security of rules, of course with the kids input. She instructs you in adjusting serving sizes for inducing and maintaining weight loss, and overcoming the addiction of overeating just because there s more food to be devoured. She even offers a win-win response for when your kids and family members begin to whine, complain and comically threaten that they are starving.

Overall moms and dads, she knows that often it is hard to ask for help, thus she guides you with an experienced hand toward avoiding raising severely overweight and obese kids with ease, flavor and affordability.

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