3 Reasons Why You NEED To Go To A Writer’s Conference

Guest Post by Raquel Byrnes

Book proposals clutched in their hands, appointment slip at the ready, writers everywhere are taking one step closer to their dream of publication with a trip to a writer’s conference. From horror writers to inspirational romance authors, they gather at conferences every year with their name tags and pitch sheets.  And I have three reasons why you should too.

  • Most agents meet their clients at a writer’s conference than by any other means.  Be it snail mail or email query, the best way to get the attention of a prospective agent is by meeting them. Nothing can replace the passion and excitement you have for your book as you talk about it face-to-face. It’s also a great way to size up what you want in an agent. During your meeting you can ask what their level of involvement is, in what genre they feel they have the best contacts, and how they communicate with their clients.
  • You connect with other writers. As an author, you cannot get better unless you get feedback. Plain and simple, you have to show people your stuff. If you’re not ready to meet with an agent, then sign up for a critique. Most conferences offer them. It will give you an opportunity to find out where in the publication process you really are. Are you polishing up a ready to submit manuscript or just starting out and finding your voice. Meeting with authors both published and unpublished in invaluable in growing as a writer.
  • You have access to the experts. The best things about writer’s conferences are the workshops. Classes to learn pacing, character development, crafting a page turner are all available to you and the best part? They are usually taught by authors you know and read.  How about learning about character arc from your favorite romance writer? The art of the red-herring from a mystery writer? You can learn so much not only from the class, but from the question and answer period afterwards.

Wherever you are in your writing journey, be it novice or seeking representation, a writer’s conference is a wonderful place to network, connect, and learn.  From face-to-face meetings with your dream agent to ‘How-To’ classes with a favorite author, if  you’re serious about writing you need to go to a writer’s conference.

Raquel Byrnes writes inspirational romance with and edge-of-your-seat pace. Her first book in the Shades of Hope Series, Purple Knot, releases from White Rose Publishing.com later this year.  Visit her at www.raquelbyrnes.com or on her blog – Edge of Your Seat Romance at www.nitewriter6.blogspot.com.


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  1. A very good idea! My best contacts with publishing houses have been made at conferences. I would also add to not neglect the smaller conferences because they allow for more personal contact.

  2. Samantha McCreery

    Treat your writing like a job, people! I'm always amazed at the number of authors I meet who have written a book and then don't do the leg work to connect with other professionals.

  3. Those are all compelling reasons to go and be an author (or writer, or whatever label you feel is appropriate) in the real world rather than just online or on paper. I wish I could go to a conference, but the opportunity has yet to knock on my door.T.Blake

  4. David has a great point. Some larger conferences do group meetings, but the small conferences have the same caliber of faculty with a more intimate setting. I also encourage you to go to the round tables/dessert meet and greets. They're a great opportunity to mingle in a less stressful environment.

  5. Hi! Great points, and I love going to conferences for networking, meeting real editors and agents, and learning in workshops and lectures. An agent on an #askagent session on Twitter recently said most agents still find their clients via queries, however, rather than meeting them at conferences. Still, it does happen and it's a great way to see that agents and editors are people too, and make that face-to-face connection!

  6. I love the networking opportunities at conferences. I'm not going to one this year but I will next year.

  7. Wow!!! I didn't know that you can meet agents in writers conference!!!cool!!! I just wanna bump into one now!! Thanks for the info!!!

  8. I know! Now I just need to find the right conference to go to…

  9. Raquel,Nice post! I can't wait to find out more about the story you have coming out with White Rose Publishing~

  10. This was a very compelling argument for attending writer's conferences. We have a lot of them in Australia. Thanks for sharing.Denise<3

  11. Hi Raquel, I had a blast at RWA in San Francisco but admit to getting a bit overwhelmed esp. by the end. But it is helpful,yes, and opens doors. I had hoped to get to NYC but it just isn't in the cards this year. I'll have to be there in spirit. Excellent blog subject!

  12. Raquel! Great post, and information. Thank you for sharing this valuable tip. As Samantha said above, "Treat your writing like a job, people! I'm always amazed at the number of authors I meet who have written a book and then don't do the leg work to connect with other professionals."~Ashley

  13. You're making me excited to go!Lynnette Labellewww.lynnettelabelle.com

  14. Great points. This is getting me excited about my upcoming conference.

  15. "Most agents meet their clients at a writer’s conference than by any other means" I honestly didn't know that! Thanks so much for this post, because now I think I need to go to a good writer's conference. I've heard others talk about how much fun they can be, but it sounds as if they could help on the publishing end, as well.

  16. Thanks, Raquel.You've stated these ideas clearly and succinctly. I like that. And you summed up all of the small, great reasons to attend into just 3 biggies.Blessings,Jean Hall

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