Discover Your Personal Foibles While You Laugh Yourself Away

Guest Post by Davis Aujourd’hui

Surely you’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. Yet, sometimes, taking a look at yourself isn’t so funny. You may discover some characteristics that seem less than laughable. That doesn’t have to be the case.

I am an author of a series of books designed to help their readers not take life so seriously. I have done this by creating memorably and delightfully dysfunctional characters to whom we can all relate. Just as is the case with all of us, we each have our light and our dark sides. The challenge is to come to a place of acceptance by embracing all that we are. As we do so, we can nurture those characteristics that we wish to possess and to let go of those which no longer serve us.

My characters face the same challenges that many of us face in this modern world. I have heard it said that to be human is to be addicted. We tend to attach ourselves to things in this life that will make us feel better about ourselves. Unfortunately, the only true happiness there is comes from within.

When you fill yourself from the outside with things like relationships, alcohol, overeating, gambling, compulsive buying, and sex to name just a few, you only numb yourself to this greater truth. You also beat yourself up in the process. The good news is that you don’t have to do that to yourself. There is a better way.

The important thing is to be gentle with yourself. You can do this by learning to laugh at your personal foibles as you come to a place of acceptance. By using the spiritual approach of unconditional love, you will be on the pathway to a happier and healthier life.

It isn’t easy! Getting honest with yourself is a challenge and you cannot do it alone. That’s why it is important to surround yourself with others who can help guide you on your journey in a loving manner.

I have created a series of satires with a spiritual message. That primary message is to practice love. My main character maintains that, if only we followed the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – you wouldn’t need the Ten Commandments.

One of the pitfalls of being human is that we all judge. This is how we come to new understandings as we follow our lifetime pathways to greater illumination. What we need to do is to keep an open mind so that we can be receptive to the wisdom that comes from experience. When we focus on our defects or the defects of others, we are not being loving.

Just be careful with your judgments. This is where the task of self-examination comes into play. Anytime you find something disagreeable within another or in any situation, it’s time to take a look at what that’s all about. Oftentimes, you will come to discover that you possess those very characteristics that you are judging.

Go ahead and have a good laugh. Then take time to consider how you can practice awareness in your life. Whenever you want to react to something or someone, it’s time to take a look in the mirror to see what you can do to change yourself. That takes work. The good news is that you’ve got an entire lifetime to do that.

Davis Aujourd’hui is the creator of the Sister Mary Olga Fortitude series of religious and social satires. His most recent book is entitled Babes in Bucksnort. As will be the case with Sister Mary Olga in his next book, he is a recovering alcoholic. He also happens to be gay as are several of the endearing and humorous characters within his novels. He speaks from his own experience. He has possessed all of the foibles of his cast of characters, including those naughty, nasty, and nice. He is socially-minded and spirituality is the most important ingredient for him to maintain a happy and successful life.

For information on the continuing Sister Mary Olga Fortitude series and intimate articles written by the author, visit his blogs at: 


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  1. Gentleness and self-awareness are indeed the pathway to recovery of one's genuine self. Live and learn and have fun along the way

  2. It's interesting what you say that 'We tend to attach ourselves to things in this life that will make us feel better about ourselves'. I guess sometimes those things can also be bad like being addicted to murder, worrying, repetitive OCD behaviour etc.An aspiring author.:O)

  3. What a great article. I am all for 'taking the mickey' out of myself…it seems to make life lighter somehow.Carol

  4. Being gentle with one's self is much easier said than done at times. We are our own worst critics and Davis does a good job of defusing that relentless slef critic.

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