Bouncing Back From Loss: How To Learn From Your Past, Heal The Present, And Transform Your Future

Topics of conversation:

  • Life before losses
  • Pulling together after losses
  • Using 5Es to Recovery
  • What not to say to those suffering loss
  • Hope and life after loss
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Donna Marie Thompson, PhD is a survivor. She offers a ray of new hope and a helping hand to others on their individual journeys to emotional healing. She lost her mother, her man, her money, and her health – all within a matter of months. In her recovery journey Donna Marie relied upon her faith, her new friends, her long-lost family, and a top-notch professional life coaching training program to find happiness, joy, hope, and help. Donna Marie is part of the women of faith community and she used a variety of tools and techniques to aid her recovery. Today, things are looking bright. Donna Marie is now a best-selling author and speaker. She has a new positive direction and much more meaning in her life.

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD – The Bouncing Back Now Relationship Coach – is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified NLP Practitioner, and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index. Donna Marie is listed as one of America’s Premier Experts in relationships and personal development. She is the host of the “Bouncing Back Now” show on BlogTalkRadio and on the Real Coaching Radio TV network. Donna Marie has been the featured guest on many radio shows and on the Brian Tracy TV Show as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates across the country.

Bouncing Back From Loss:  How to Learn From Your Past, Heal the Present, and Transform Your FutureDonna Marie Thompson, PhD
Morgan James Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781600378256
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views

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Synopsis: Donna Marie Thompson became a Bouncing Back From Loss expert purely by accident. It certainly was not her intent to suffer a massive quadruple loss – all within a matter of months. You see, Donna Marie lost her mother, her man, her money, and her health.

But because she has endured those horrific losses – Donna Marie has committed to share her experience and her tools and techniques to help others now facing loss in their lives.

It all happened by accident. Her seventeen-year relationship became completely unraveled – at the same exact time that her mother was terminally ill from both Alzheimer’s disease and a serious medical error. Her fiancé took advantage of Donna Marie’s vulnerability and devotion to her mother in her time of extreme need to vehemently demand that she not sell her house – the one that he was renting.

Donna Marie put the house on the market in spite of his angry protests. But by then it was too late. As a result of his selfish interference in the planned sale of her house, Donna Marie lost 50% of the money in the Florida real estate crash.

Then she suffered a debilitating injury – a pinched nerve in her neck – which sidelined her for 10 months where she could not use her right hand. Needless to say Donna Marie was utterly devastated; her near perfect life became an utter disaster. Yet, after all of that, she bounced back.

And now she shares her secrets so that others can bounce back too. The second half of the book outlines the innovative 5Es to Recovery program that Donna Marie created and now freely shares with others.


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