Promoting Books Through Amazon’s Author Central

Guest Post by Irene Watson

It has been brought to my attention that many authors aren’t aware that Amazon has a program called Author Central.  If you don’t know about it, it’s time to get informed about the whole world behind the scenes of Amazon and take advantage of it.  

So…what will it do for you?  It’s another place to let potential buyers know about you and your books.  You can create an author page that includes your bio, bibliography, author photo and feeds from your blog and your Twitter posts. You can add your book video and advertise events.  And, you can even add Editorial Reviews.  Considering Amazon has been removing reviews at a rampant pace because they accuse reviewers of not following their guidelines you are able to post excerpts from these reviews in the Editorial Reviews section.

But, there is more.  You can get Sales Figures, Rank History, and if need be email or daytime phone support.   Well, that’s what they say but I’ve heard recently from several authors that the responses haven’t been as good as in the past or none at all.  Amazon, as I’m sure you are aware, is making some major changes in all areas which is causing bedlam internally and externally. Just go any forum and you’ll get the gist of it.

I really like the Sales Info because it gives me a good indication of where my specific books are sold and during what period. This is one simple way to track sales if I’ve done any particular promotions during that time.  As with all Sales Info the information isn’t entirely accurate but it’s close enough to see what movement you’ve had on your book. This is also a place you can compare the sales records to the records your publisher sends you during royalty reporting. As well, if you have more than one book all the information is in one central place and you don’t have to go from book page to book page.

If you are wondering how potential readers will actually find your Author Page just go to a book listing on and click on author’s name (at the top, under the title and next to “author.”) This will take you to the Profile Page of the author. 

Does this Author Page take place of a website?  Definitely not! The specific information is only good for those that actually go to to find books and are inquisitive enough to read information about the author or watch a video.  The page is not Search Engine Optimized and a Google search will not land the potential reader on the page. Nonetheless, it’s important to have your Profile Page updated and available to those that actually do shop Amazon.

Do you have any success stories to share due to using Author Central? Do you have anything encouraging to say to those that haven’t created their Profile Page yet?  


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  1. Irene, Thank you for an excellent piece on Amazon's Author Center (as well as the one you wrote this morning on movie videos…you and Kim have done four for me, as you know, and I could not be more pleased with them!).'s Author Center is a terrific way for an author to add 'color' to their book's presentation on the bookseller's Web site. My guess is that in many cases, it helps readers decide whether or not to purchase a book. At the least, it's a great way to 'get the word out' to a large audience without having to spend a dime!Ted

  2. As an author, I love Author Central. It gives so much information about geographic trends. It also is a way to check my royalties since I know definitely how many books were sold on Amazon. If I have an article that appears in Nebraska and get some sales in Nebraska, that gives me confirmation that someone out there is reading my marketing pieces. I was wondering whether everyone knows about this great service. Most of my sales are in that area where there is little population that is put into one big group. Go figure.Thanks again for a great article.Mary GreenwoodAuthor of How to Interview Like a Pro; 43 Rules For Getting Your Next Job

  3. I have been using Author Central and have just uploaded my first trailer to it. It's a great place to distribute information that can't fit anywhere else on Amazon. I have an editorial review that I'd love to add to my author page, but I don't see where I can place it. What am I not seeing? What would you suggest?Joan Szechtmanauthor of This Time and Loyalty Binds Metwo books of the series about Richard III in the 21st-century

  4. Thanks, Irene. What a helpful post! I'll be looking into it as I knew nothing about it.One other comment: After reading your posts on Amazon taking reviews off websites, I looked at mine and realized on my first book, "I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye," about 7 reviews were removed! For my other book "Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child" about three were removed. I was shocked as all of them were very legitimate. From what I gathered from other authors, Amazon is not responding to us or could care less what we think. They are doing whatever they want. Is it still of no use to try to contact them and ask why?

  5. Joan, go to your Author Central account and send Amazon an email through that page. Include the blurb that you want entered. Some authors are able to place their own editorial reviews, others have to get them to post it.

  6. Sandy, OUCH – 7 reviews removed from one book!!?? I would certainly contact them asking why but don't be surprised if you get a form email saying to ask the reviewer. But…it's worth a try; maybe you will be one of those authors that will actually get a different form email saying the email would tell you the reviewers weren't complying with the guidelines therefore the reviews were removed.As a business person, I'm really having a hard time understanding the business decision Amazon suits are making. Reviews sell books – Amazon is in the business of selling books.

  7. Irene, I've had an Amazon Author Central account for several months now, but I wasn't aware, until I read this post and the following comments, what I can do with it. I simply wish to thank you, one more time, for your information. You are a valuable resource at an exciting time for writers in our world.

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