Why Amazon getting into publishing is an important thing for all of us

Guest Post by Chris Hoole

One of the major pieces of news that has been slowly breaking over the last few weeks is that Amazon is not so quietly buying up lots of books by creative writing up and coming stars.  These authors are the charter members of a publishing company backed by a global corporation, already known for books.

Win-win for everyone?

Amazon’s deal is, basically win-win for everyone – the writers lucky enough to get their books picked up by Amazon will find that they’re getting backed by a company that knows books.  Plus, the excitement surrounding being picked up by Amazon will give their sales an extra boost.  So for the authors that were working with Amazon already, this means things can only get better.  But for the authors coming up behind, especially those exhibiting new creative writing techniques, this is a bit of a new arena, which means that the playing field is wide open.

Move over John Locke

John Locke, the guy who sold a million books on Amazon, wrote a book (http://www.amazon.com/Sold-Million-eBooks-Months-ebook/dp/B0056BMK6K/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1308600888&sr=1-1)about how he did it – with a combination of blogging, twitter, other social networks and most of all, connecting, writing and putting his books out there, he made them available and is only the eighth, ever to have sold 1 million books on Amazon.    As many authors want to make their living writing, eBooks are now a great way to make a mark, but what’s the talk from the bottom of the pile?

Bottom of the pile

There are thousands – tens of thousands of authors at the bottom of the pile – either new and just starting out, or not interested in putting the investment into their writing before publishing.  It’s also important to understand what drives many authors is a vague dream of making money and staying home and writing, without the steps in between.  It’s important to ensure that you’ve got a plan that backs what you want to do, and that you can create your best product at the end of the day.  Without doing that, many people will struggle with meeting their basic goals, let alone allowing you to ‘quit the day job’.  One thing is clear – you’ve got to have a platform, and that platform almost certainly includes social networking, heavy marketing and a blogging platform – without the combination that lets you reach your fans, even having the best book in the world, and be the next possible best seller.  Working with your fans however, all creative writers have a chance to get to where they need to be, and be the next best seller – and perhaps get that deal from amazon.

Chris Hoole is a copywriter and creative writing expert that enjoys social media and writing. He loves to find new fans in new places.


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