Rethinking Our Thinking

Guest Post by Bettye Johnson

When I look at the Earth, I see it always in the flux of change by using tornados, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and natural erosion. Many of the human population resist change and are often caught up in these so-called natural disasters. Too many human minds are running the same program repeatedly. I have heard people say, “I can’t help it. That’s just the way I am.” This could be a cop-out to resist change.

            I have learned that when boredom sets in it means it is time to change. We can change the way we think. We can rethink our thinking by looking at outmoded belief systems that no longer work for us. It is time to move into the now age.

            The pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic and advertising industries do their best to capture our thinking – to capture our minds. We fall into their dream and lose ours. It is time to rethink our thinking and have our dreams come true.

            One area of dreams that many people yearn for is wealth. Most people think this is money and it is only an aspect of it. Wealth seems to be elusive to many people.  Over the years I have observed countless people who have paid large sums of money to attend how-to-get-rich seminars and read all the how-to-get-rich books. This is not to say that the seminar leaders and authors are in error. No, they give valid information, however it misses the mark. Most of these same people who go to seminars and read these books have not become rich today. I have wondered why.

            For starters, we must change our thinking patterns. Our brains have been programmed from our parents, peers, schools, religions, government and the advertising world. Can we change our thinking patterns? We can.  There are two requirements and they are patience and tenacity.

            I watched the Larry King Live show a year or so ago with a panel of experts and the title was “Beyond Positive Thinking.” There were four men and JZ Knight. I heard the men referring to positive thinking a number of times and this is usually what the how-to-get-rich seminar leaders teach. JZ Knight gave a very profound answer to Larry King when he asked her about positive thinking. Knight’s reply was “I don’t subscribe to positive thinking. I subscribe to affirmative thinking.” I had the impression that her reply passed over the heads of those on the panel and Larry King. Her answer was profound.

            What is the difference between positive thinking and affirmative thinking? Men are considered to have positive energy and women negative energy and this means that when we say something is negative it has the connotation of being bad or evil. For a woman there is a shadow side to thinking positive because it carries the implication that positive is male or good. It has a lot to do with our thinking because there is the subtle implication that because we are women that we are bad and not worth much. This has been going on for eons. It is in our genetic code and it can be changed.

            Affirm means to support or uphold the validity of or to confirm that something is true. To rethink positive into affirm takes the onus off of our subliminal programming and opens doors to having our dreams fulfilled. For a woman, every time she uses the word positive it triggers the code bad or unworthy.

            There has been numerous times when I have said, “I am positive that this or that happened or it is the way it is.” It is most likely we all have used it in this way from time to time. We can rethink our thinking by substituting “I am sure that….” We can find other words to convey what we mean.

            In rethinking the way we think and the words we use, we must be clear on what we want whether it is wealth, a new car, a new job, a new house or health. Some years ago, I took a course from Dr. William “Bill” Hornaday of the Founders Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Hornaday had been an assistant to Ernest Holmes the founder of Religious Science and Science of the Mind. During a class, Dr. Bill told a story of a woman who came to Holmes and him asking for them to treat (pray) for her to have a house that she passionately wanted. The house was actually an estate with large grounds. The two men used their mental powers in their form of prayer for her to have her heart’s desire. She acquired the house and was overjoyed. A few months later, she came to them most upset and claiming that they had not done their job properly because she lost the house. Why? She did not have the income to maintain this large estate. I learned from this to always be explicit.

            There are other stories along that same vein and the bottom line is to always picture yourself as having wealth and perhaps a millionaire mind. I have learned that we are all creators and we are constantly creating our life by what we think and what we speak. Are you in the I want mode of thinking or the I have? Want denotes that something is not within our reach while have means it is.

            What if you were to win a very large lottery? Are you prepared to handle your finances? On the other hand, are you going to give your power away and place it in the hands of others to manage for you? Wouldn’t you think that you would plan how you would use this money? Yes, a reliable investment person may be necessary and an accountant who is reliable. Have you already planned for this? Having money also brings with it responsibility.

            There is another magic key to all of this and the label is imagination. Can you picture in your mind the outcome of what you desire? Can you weave a picture story of seeing yourself receiving what you want? I have read where some athletes before an event picture the outcome of their winning in a race such as swimming, skiing and other sports. The picturing is similar to creating a movie in the mind. 

            There are others who created in their movie of their mind the house they wanted, a job they wanted, and we create this with our health. Using our imagination unlocks the door to greater potentials. It is all about rethinking our thinking.

Bettye Johnson is an international author. Two of her books have received Independent Publishers Book Awards: Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, 2006 and Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy in 2008. Bettye’s other books are Awakening the Genie Within, a semi-memoir self-help book, and A Christmas Awakening. The Spanish Edition of Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls is now published and available through her websites and Amazon. Her memoir, An Uncommon Education, Paris in the 1950’s  is due to be released in February 2012.

Bettye can be contacted through  Tweet her and check her out on Facebook



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