We Can’t Create

Guest Post by Robert D. Stanich

God is working, but not creating at this time. When and if we are borne-again we become a new creature not a new creation. The totality that is become new (All things) has been new since the beginning; they have come into a proper balance with the creator. Behold, if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, all things are become new.

The use of the word ‘are’ is important. In right relation with God there is no old, or used, or out of date, or wore-out, or aged, or degenerated. All things are new, always have been and always will be. No one that’s imperfect could be in Christ, it would make Him imperfect. Yet anyone in him is a new creature equal to all others. It’s creation as God sees it.

 The most important line in the declaration of independence says “All men are created equal. The present tense is used, ‘are’ not ‘were.’ All men as they are in right relationship with the  creator are equal. The creation is a done deal; we are all created equal, though not all equal now. Someone is always better than me, but my new man is as God created him, perfect in Christ; equal to anybody else. However, it seems everybody’s better than my old man, who is a jerk of jerks.

This concept was obvious to the writers of the Declaration, but is nearly lost in the Church today; ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. But the only way to realize that equality is in Jesus, as a new creature.

Nearly 700,000 men and women died in the Civil War, why? Many political reasons are attributed to it, but, I believe, spiritually it was because the Church lost this theology. Think of it, there were probably more Christians on the side of the South in that war; at least that would be my guess. Most didn’t believe all men are created equal. Christians by the thousands believed blacks were meant to be slaves in subjection to other man, who were naturally superior. Many Christians today don’t believe all men are created equal; or they don’t understand it.

The Bible seems to wink at slavery. I think because before Jesus rose, no man was in Christ, so they weren’t equal; nor were they free, not truly. All men were slaves in one way or another. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

The Purpose driven life is one that sees God created all of us equally for a purpose. We can, should and must recognize that purpose; the sooner the better. No ones purpose is superior to someone else’s, since God ordained it.

I use to believe I created a lively and inspiring novel, but I did not. I believed I needed to create new ideas to market and sell it-I do not. That’s the wrong precept of the word ‘Create.’ Like God, no one is creating.

God stopped creating on the sixth day of creation and has been in a Sabbath rest ever since. We shouldn’t think we create or need to. What we need, is to rest in God; work very hard, but rest in Him.

However, everybody has a measure of creativity; it’s a God thing, related to our purpose; that is the proclivity and desire to create something. I can’t make something out of nothing (create,) but I can make something. If nobody enjoyed my stories, I can still write. If nobody liked what I build, I can still build.

Many artists have been the only ones to enjoy there art. They all wish others would, but that’s not a prerequisite for making it. If I have more creativity than someone else, it’s only to the extent I enjoy the thing that I make more.

The number one reason I wrote a novel was the fun of it. that doesn’t mean I didn’t have others enjoyment in mind, I did, and if it is half as fun to read as it was to write it should sell well.

Creativity is like faith in that God gave everybody some, and it’s connected to our purpose. We only need to recognize that it is emulating God. If we desire to make something it’s because God has that desire. If we want to enjoy the things we made, it’s because God is doing that; He still enjoys His creation when it’s new and in right relationship with him, but he wants to enjoy it all and He wants all to enjoy it with Him

The water you drink probably has been on earth since the beginning. With creativity we can manipulate molecules, if we were creating we would make those molecules out of nothing. God did that but is not doing it now.

Have you ever heard of someone without legs instantaneously getting new ones. That would be creation, a creative miracle. It will happen at the resurrection, but is not happening now. It’s one of the reasons many who pray are not healed, God would have to create something in order for it. All will resurrect, all will be healed when God starts back creating.

We must imitate the Father and not create at this time, but we don’t have to like it. ‘Creating’ is pretending, ‘Creativity’ is not.

Robert D. Stanich lives with his wife and daughter in Albuquerque NM. He has used considerable creativity with his debut Novel, ‘Global Warning’ which will be out in March of 2012. You can read about it at his web sight www.atomicfaith-blog.com.


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