Guest Post by David Poulter

We live in a world that is very much intellectualized. Science explains or tries to explain or will explain everything. That is our faith. And on the whole it seems to work. Yet everyday we use technology, which for a great majority of us is incomprehensible. Add to this politics and economics which structure our lives, guiding society. The logical order of the system cannot be doubted. This is our sanity. For any spiritual needs a whole host of religions are available and we can pick and choose. With these beliefs and certainties we head into the future. Unfortunately there are big problems on the horizon: overpopulation, pollution and climate change to mention but a few. There seem to be major difficulties out there, in the world.

Yet the problem is not really ‘out there’ the problem is really in our heads. Are we really sane as a race? Have we ever been sane? Where does madness really lie? Nuclear power proliferated because of massive investment due to our suspicions and aggression. Geothermal energy, that is the heat literally beneath our feet, has largely been ignored. We chose this path. If 60 years ago all that time, money and thought had been invested differently the world would be a different place now. Are we doing similar things today?

Food: overindulgence to the point of illness and starvation for others. This is not a sane planet. The list of lunacies goes on and on.

Surely we must change our thinking. The internal landscape of our minds must alter to affect the external one.

In my book “The Idiot” I take a look at madness from my own personal experience with schizophrenia. The concept of insanity is definitely subjective.

There is no “us and them.” We are all human.

David Poulter gained a degree in Fine Art from Leeds University and practiced and taught art for many years. To see some examples of his work visit:  He moved to Taiwan in 2004 where he wrote the book “The Idiot” published by Chipmunka Publishing sponsored by The Arts Council.  He currently teaches English in Taiwan and visits New Zealand to be involved in creative and ecological pursuits.  



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