Resentment, Envy, Socialism, and Capitalism

Guest Post by David Bloch

Resentment and envy are human characteristics.  They appeared at mankind’s beginning and they will be with mankind at the end; they are conditions of human life.  However, all higher cultures recognize that these two characteristics are not desirable; they are impediments to healthy development.  “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s house . . . nor anything that is your neighbor’s” is the tenth commandment from Exodus, the second book of the Bible.   The challenge for all of us is to overcome our innate negative characteristics of resentment and envy. 

Socialism and capitalism are two economic/philosophical systems that offer distinctly opposite ways to deal with the human characteristics of resentment and envy. Socialism encourages and promotes resentment and envy; the government dictates human behavior.  Capitalism, in contrast, provides a means to overcome resentment and envy through self-achievement; the individual takes responsibility for his/her own human behavior. 

Resentment and envy are two of the most important forces that motivate socialists.  In their philosophy, socialists elevate resentment and envy to the status of cardinal virtues.  Bleating their mantra “spread the wealth,” socialist agitators snare their prey by cajoling them into surrendering to their negative characteristics of resentment and envy, in exchange for promised (but never fulfilled) material gains.  However, descending down this dark path of human nature has its consequences, if one is to believe the insight of Goethe who wrote, “Hatred is active, and envy passive dislike; there is but one step from envy to hate.”    For this reason, socialism is degenerative and entirely regressive for mankind; even though socialists, ironically and deceivingly, refer to themselves as “progressives.”   

Capitalism, by contrast, provides the means for the individual to overcome feelings of resentment and envy.  Capitalists do not whine, but instead set to work transforming any negative energy of resentment and envy towards others, into positive actions.  Under capitalism, one is free to pursue and achieve whatever goals he/she desires through hard work and study. To create and to develop are two important forces that motivate capitalists.  In this sense, capitalism is dynamic and advances mankind.  

Resentment and envy: if you like them – be a socialist and resign yourself; if you want to overcome them – be a capitalist and develop yourself. 

David E. Bloch is the author of The Elite IdolatersHis book won Honorable Mention in Readers Views 2012 book awards program in the Societal Issues category. 

For more information about the author and his books please visit his website at:


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