Mother’s Earth Make-up

Guest Post by George Arthur Davis 

I was at a friend’s house warming party one Sunday and a fellow walked up to me and asked me what did I think of the global warming situation. I told me that Mother Earth was putting on new make-up. He looked at me in a manner to tell me that was not an intellectual response, and then, he walked away. Well, if he had stayed without leaving a dunce cap on my head, I would have told of my experience with global warming explanations. The first one I heard blamed asphalt; because, it replaced dirt roads and highways absorbing sunlight that now bounce off asphalt to the stratosphere that ricochets the sunlight back to earth and thus begets global warming. Steel and glass skyscrapers helped with the global warming process by getting radiated by the ricocheting sunlight that does not get absorbed by the asphalt and heat up the atmosphere. Then came the fossil fuel explanation, and just when I got used to that explanation, someone blamed the thrust from those powerful rockets that put capsules into space. It seems the thrust was so powerful it changed the weather pattern. It rained on one place on earth and not enough in another place on earth, thus somehow, global warming occurred. I gave up after this one and made up my own explanation to blame it all on Mother Earth changing make-up. END 

George Arthur Davis born in Philadelphia PA (presently resides in Tampa FL): studied creative writing at The Community College of Philadelphia, retired Federal government employee, and presently write short stories.


Posted on July 12, 2012, in Short Stories. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Great concept, George! You used a few words to describe a complex if not historical occurence. It appears from the geological record that "Mother Earth" has put on new make-up countless times over the eons. Here we go again!

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