The Pivot Point

Guest Post by Katina Makris

How serious illness can be a gateway to your life’s true purpose

The demands of modern society have put most people onto a hamster wheel pace of living; home life, career, children’s schedules all stacked like dominoes in a time crunch consortium.

With scant room for quietude, reflection, and leisure in our life; speed, success, and sensory stimulation all register as “stressors” to our physical and emotional being. Stress triggers a calvalcade of bothersome hormones and neurochemicals.  Years of such a pattern can create serious illness, such as cancers, heart disease, stroke, and “burn-out.”

Our being is screaming for help, the illness is your own dashboard warning light.  Bringing your body into a medical office can be a life saving measure, but it is not always the complete answer to recovery.  Medical help is a valid component, helping to divert death, in many instances.  However, tending to the physical body is just one piece of the pie, when serious illness is present.

Human beings are fascinating creatures.  We have alert, creative minds, elastic feelings, a body that miraculously always tries to “right” itself and our individual spirit with a fully intentional life purpose.  We interact with one another in broad numbers, we quest to survive and even more poignantly, “contribute” to the world in some way.

As children, the majority of us conjured images of who we “wanted” to be when we grew up- a firefighter, a ballerina, a teacher, a movie star.  Such fantasy images actually should never be fluffed off lightly.  There is an essence a child perceives, in their spiritual clarity, that resonates with their life purpose, or path they are most aligned to walk in this lifetime.  It may be the poetry and movement of dance, the bravery and prowess of a firefighter or the communication and sharing in teaching that touches their spiritual strengths and yearnings.  Sadly, many of us lose, dismiss, or box up these early life perceptions.

Decades later, ragged and on the race track of Western culture’s expectations for financial security and material acquisitions, hoards of us have completely disassociated from our spirit’s calling.  A stymied spirit wilts.  With so much energy being directed to daily details, other people’s needs, or the functional demands of a job, we lose connection with the precious pieces of our own self.  When I ask people what it is that would make them feel most happy, many cannot come up with a clear answer other than “winning the lottery.”

This is a sorry situation to have lost touch with your heart’s greatest desire, or our spirit’s true calling.  Of course serious illness manifests; the suppressed dreams, passions, and joys fester, amid the stew of dissatisfactions, stress and chemical toxins.

I have walked this road with millions of you.  I know this scenario from the inside out.  Lyme disease took me way down to the rock bottom.  The severity of the illness forced me to withdraw from the outer world, to venture deep into the hidden corners of my being.  It was an initially frightening experience to lose all that I had worked so diligently to manifest- a stunning career, my lovely woodland home, a treasured young family and a nice IRA.

Five years ill, two bedridden, alone and bereft, I spent much time soul searching.  I was on my own forced spiritual retreat from modern life.  The  remarkable discovery was a gateway to a treasure trove of inner recovery skills.  It was a pivot point, I unveiled- a place where I found I could turn away from the external, material world I was raised to value and strive for, and turn within to my own deep heart.

Coming to sense, feel, explore those dashed dreams of my childhood was a true awakening.  I found sparkling light, playful energy, curiosity, and tender love in the sequestered, glossed over chambers of my soul.  Hidden within was my true creative, healer’s spirit.

I am not unique.  Having counseled with many others struggling or limited by serious illness, I find the same scenario rings true 90% of the time.  Our life style has pulled us away from our heart’s true calling.  The luxury car, the cell phone panopoly, the convenience created consumption numbs us.  We are dazed and wired at the same time.  Our being can tolerate only so much before bodily systems start to crumble or fail, triggering Lupus, Lyme disease, obesity, high blood pressure, CFS.

Those of us inclined to walk with our inner being and innate healing gifts, can embrace their illness as an opportunity for learning and growth.  Instead of reaching outwards to others, to band-aid palliative medicine, to the distraction of a commercial society, we can pivot and reach within.

All serious illnesses are siren wails of our being, pleading for recognition and restoration.  Seeking the counsel of a spiritual healer or guide is often of aid- shaman, intuitive healer, pastor, rabbi, monk, or sage.  We also can take the time to nurture our own self by spending time in prayer, meditating, practicing visualizations, journalling, starting a dream diary, soaking in natural beauty or doing something creative.

Take the time to be alone with your SELF.  Day dream. Sketch. Write your childhood self a friendship letter.  Most importantly, listen within and honor the calling of your spirit  You are too precious to be dismissed.  Your healing awaits your attention.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

Katina I. Makris is the author of “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit,” an award finalist for Best Book in Alternative Health with USA Book News.  She is a Classical Homeopath, Intuitive Healer, and chronic Lyme survivor, who lectures frequently.


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