“Pygmy Blue”

Guest Post by Hal Manogue

In certain circles they call me a Pygmy Blue Butterfly. Some folks even call me by my scientific name, Brephidium exilis, but that one is a bit boring as well as a little annoying. I just call myself Blue. It’s a fitting name for me. I dress in shades of brown and blue and travel the coastlines and wastelands of the Southern and Western regions of your United States. I like to travel in a crowd, and I appreciate the deserts, wastelands, vacant lots and alkali flats that provide the nourishment I need to exist in this form.

Most of you don’t know that I exist, but I do. In spite of your ignorance, I fill my life with the same basic needs you have ―freedom, food and sexual activity. Your scientists say that my species is the smallest butterfly group in the world, but they miss one very important fact when they describe us as a group. Our life cycle and consciousness mirrors yours. We interact with you, but most of you never know it. 

I have been part of the Butterfly Ball for many of your centuries. I use those words to explain time in your terms, but those time sequences don’t mean anything to me.  I have my own time reality. I use different physical butterfly bodies to express the beauty of being one with all forms of life without your time restrictions. Butterfly wisdom is the art of knowing one’s self in any form. I move to the music of the air and rest in the grace of knowing. I’ve been telling stories about your species in the pigweed, pickleweed and saltbushes for eons.  My stories are filled with the essence of life, which is change. You fear it while you do it. We do it to feel our beauty. Change is the only constant; it is the desire to be in harmony with your inner beauty. My species is here to teach you about change and help you remember. We teach without words; our lessons are rooted in our life cycle and the beauty we offer you.

The story of the Butterfly Ball is a life changing story. Some of you will rejoice in its truth, and others will balk at the thought of me, a butterfly, telling you about you.  But, my story shows the butterfly side of being human, and the human side of being a butterfly, and the fact that you will continue to change in spite of yourself.

Hal Manogue’s new novel: The Butterfly Ball will be released in late August 2012. Pygmy Blue is the introduction to that book. Hal is also the author of the 2011 award winning book: Living Behind The Beauty Shop

Born in Philadelphia, Howard (Hal) (Howie) Thomas Manogue spent the first twenty-one years of his life conforming to logical beliefs and rituals. He spent the next twenty-six years of his life rebelling against those beliefs and rituals in one way or another. For the last twelve years he has been studying and writing about consciousness. His journey has taken him through the history of religious thought and the intricacies of philosophy as well as other associations and influences that impact the human belief system.

Retiring from the shoe industry after 35 years of “sole” searching, Hal discovered his real soul when he started writing poetry in 1996. His first book, Short Sleeves A Book For Friends, was self-published in 2003. His second book, Short Sleeves A Book For Friends 2006 Collection, was released in May 2006. His third book, Short Sleeves a Book for Friends 2007 Collection, was released in January 2007. Short Sleeves Spirit Songs was published in July 2008. Spirit Songs Echoes of Silence will be released in 2014. Essays from his book, Short Sleeves Insights: Live An Ordinary Life In A Non-Ordinary Way (published in May 2008) have been republished in other books and newsletters around the globe. All these books are available on his Web site: http://www.shortsleeves.net/ as well as in bookstores.

Hal’s poems have been published by Mystic Pop Magazine, Children of the New Earth Magazine, New Age Tribune, Seasons of the Soul Newsletters, The Ascension Network, Lightship News, and Writers in the Sky E-zine. On his blog, he has published hundreds of essays on consciousness. More of his essays can be found on: bizymoms.com, authorsden.com, holistichealth.com, and newagetribune.com, and www.halmanogue.blogspot.com.

Hal currently lives in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife, Joanie.


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