Your Book is Out, Now What?

Guest Post by Donna Small

Congratulations!  You’ve just gotten your first book published.  Now what do you do?  I hope you’ve been talking about it since you signed the contract, getting your friends ready to click and purchase your book on the day it is released. 

Well, now that day is here.  What else can you do to boost sales? 

Obviously, the goal is to get your book in front of as many readers as possible, but how do you do that?  Well, thankfully, we live in the age of social networking.  With a few keystrokes and a few clicks, you can get word out about your book. 

If you haven’t already done so, (and yes, believe it or not, there are people who haven’t) get yourself a Facebook page.  This social networking site just gets better and better.  You can use it to get the word about your book, when the release it, where you’ll be signing, as well as re-connect with people you may have lost touch with. 

Another great social networking site is Twitter.  This too, is very easy to work with.  Sign up for a Twitter account (which takes only a few moments – I did it from my smart phone while at a golf tournament waiting for the next foursome to come by.)  Search for people you have an interest in.  “Follow” them and perhaps they’ll follow you back.  You can tweet about your book and ask others to give you a “re-tweet,” which further publicizes your book. 

Once your book is out, visit your local library on-line or in person.  Most libraries have something called “purchase suggestion.”  This is where you can suggest to the librarian which books you’d like them to purchase.  See where I’m going with this?  Of course, your purchase suggestion will be for your book!  When my book was released, I contacted everyone I knew across the country via Facebook and asked them to do this at their local library. Since it doesn’t cost them anything but a few minutes of their time, they all agreed!  Those are purchases of your book and your book will now be exposed to readers that might not have read your work otherwise.  If they like it, they’ll look for your next book, and the next…

Talk about your book!  You are your best publicity person.  After all, you know more about it than perhaps anyone else.  I have become quite adept at this, (though, not to indicate in any way that I was shy prior to my book being released) but I’ve gotten better at it.  When I run into someone I haven’t seen in some time, the question always comes up, “What have you been up to?” or something along those lines.  Of course, my writing comes up, which is a great opportunity to sell another book! (Hey, they asked, right?)

There are countless bloggers on the internet that spend their days reviewing and writing about books.  There are some that I follow on Twitter and Facebook.  Once my book was released, I wondered about those people.  How do they choose which books to review?  How can I get my book reviewed by them?  The answer?  Just ask them!  Chances are they’re looking for good book to review…yours!

I’ve even gotten my children to work my book into what they do.  My youngest daughter recently had to do a project in school in which she talked about herself and her family.  Not surprising that she mentioned, “My mother is an author” on her sheet.  Again, it prompts a question by her teacher, another parent, or anyone who happens to see it hanging on the wall of her school. 

For most of us first-time authors, there isn’t a lot of money spent on publicizing our work.  We need to step up to the plate and do some of the work.  But don’t think of it as work.

Think of it as spreading your fantastic work to people who would otherwise miss out!  

Donna Small is the author of the novel Just Between Friends, which was recently released from Second Wind Publishing.  She lives in Clemmons, North Carolina with her husband, two daughters, and their beagle, Charlie, where she is at work on her next novel.  You can visit her at

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