How to get inspired?

Guest Post by James Josue

It all began with a desire: “I want to be a writer.” Though, each one of us who wants to be a writer has a different image of what a writer should be. Some people see an author as someone who is rich and famous. Some see the writer as a person who is imaginative, thoughtful and professorial, while others see the author as someone who is always typing on a computer or on a laptop all day long in a room filled with books. Some others, however, see the author as someone who is very neat and confident, pontificating in a major televised debate. As an aspiring author, it is easy to daydream about all of these things without having the slightest idea what you should write. Every great author has something to say!

Thousands of books are published every year in the US alone, why should you write and publish one? That’s where inspiration comes in. While providing a reasonable limit to the content of their work, every author should always try to bring something new in their writings. Inspiration is the only thing without which there can’t be an author. It is the key to being a writer. If inspiration is so important, how does one get inspired?

Below, are some tips, which I think, if you are open to them will get you inspired.

  1. Read! Read! Read!

Read everything, from your favorite genre to the Bible, from articles to biographies, from text messages to tweets and Facebook posts. As an author, you should not underestimate the value of reading. One word, one sentence heard from somewhere can inspire a whole book.

When I was learning English about sixteen months ago—that’s right, English isn’t my first language—sometimes, I would randomly choose five or ten words to make up a story. It did not matter whether it made sense or not, but what I can tell you is that I always found some interesting ideas for my books. I published my first book last May, and the second book was accepted by one of the major publishing companies in the US; it will be published in 2013. I was able to write my books because I read a lot, and because I loved playing with words.

  1. Brainstorming

Don’t think you going to wake up one day with the idea of the perfect book. You need to brainstorm. Use your notes. While you’re thinking about them, you will come up with new ideas, which are not only reader-friendly but also more marketable.

  1. Be visual

Don’t stay in your room all day long. You can watch some TV, which can help you to be more visual. Go to a lake, or to the nearest park in your local area. Instead of trying to come up with words to write your story, try to visualize it first. It is easier to write something you can see or something that is vivid in your mind.

  1. Writing and reviewing

Don’t write and review at the same time. You will feel the need to, but you should try to avoid that. If there is a part that you don’t like, you might get discouraged. If you’re like me, you will want everything to be perfect. But know that your book cannot be perfect the first time you’re writing your story.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I play guitar and one lesson I have learned from that is that most of most of favorite songs were made because I was trying to play other songs and I couldn’t. You will get my point if you’re trying to sound like you favorite author.

  1. Be a music lover

Let music inspire you. There are so many styles of music these days, you will find something that you’ll love and that can inspire you. In the movie the Forbidden Kingdom, Sparrow says, “music is a bridge that links earth to heaven.” Listen to music, you will get inspired. As for me, classical music is the one I love the most. When I am listening to it, I am calm and ready to get inspired. I am not sleeping but I am not fully awake. When an idea comes and I think it’s a good one, I write it down on my tablet or my phone.

  1. Write! Write! Write! Did I mention write?

Write every day. Write anything you feel like writing. Jot down any thoughts, any ideas or words. Don’t let other things prevent you from writing every day. If you write every day, by the end of week, you will have more notes to get your inspiration from. The best way to have a good idea is to have many ideas. Writing every day helps you to do just that.

James Josue, guitar player, song writer and poet is distinguished scholar known for his love of poetry. He wrote many poems and songs for his local churches. He’s always been fascinated with words and the challenge of understanding their etymologies and meanings.


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