5 Tips to Turn Crisis Into Creative Resilience

Guest Post by Dr. Gail Feldman                                             

1. Ask: What is the Challenge?  What is the Opportunity? Our most profound learning comes from handling crisis situations and fear. Write down the fears. What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best thing that could come from this? What does your head say about how to proceed? Your heart? Your Soul? Reflect on your answers. Trust yourself. Know your inner Wisdom will guide you and maybe even lead you to a greater life purpose.


2. Remember the 40% factor: From Positive Psychology research we know that only 10% of what leads to happiness or unhappiness comes from outside events. Fifty percent is genetic. So even if you have the “cup-half-empty” gene, you get at least 40% of life to exercise positive choices! List all the choices that have brought you to your current successes; then add your achievements. Over the next week, create special ways to acknowledge yourself and consistently exercise optimistic thinking, the quality that characterizes resilient people.

3. Use Grief Relief: Change is constant, and the way we cope with it is through grieving. Because humans strive for the familiar and comfortable, denial and disbelief are often our first response to loss or disappointment. Feel your painful feelings. As you focus your full attention on these feelings, you honor yourself and allow the sadness, trauma, or anxiety to dissolve. Welcome peaceful acceptance in their place.

4. From Work to Calling. Do you view your work as a job- something that brings money and some benefits, but also burdens that put you on edge? Reframe your work as your calling. Resilient people create their work as meaningful and fulfilling, recognizing the strengths they bring and the contribution they make. Declaring your work as your calling honors your gifts, greatness and leadership, and allows you to feel passionate about everything you do.

5. Declare your Essence and Intention.  What you think and speak will manifest. Declare who you are for yourself and the world. Speak your essence and intention each day. This morning I declared, “Who I am for myself and for the world is Health, Joy and Abundance.” Now it’s your turn.


Dr. Gail Feldman is a clinical psychologist, award-winning author and popular public speaker. She has appeared on radio and television programs across the United States, including Larry King Live. She has also spoken on creativity and resilience psychology in Puerto Rico, Greece, Viet Nam, and South Africa. Dr. Feldman’s thirty-plus years of experience include teaching as a clinical assistant professor at the University of New Mexico Medical School, facilitating conflict resolution with families, and providing psychotherapy for trauma survivors. Her current passions are resilience psychology, the challenges and opportunities inherent in the “new midlife,” and the power and velocity inherent in life coaching. She has written six books.


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