There Are No Words …Just Tears, When A Nation Bleeds

Guest Post by Susan Violante

“There are no words…just tears,was my sister’s status on Facebook. 

“What happened?” I asked oblivious, not knowing it happened again.

“Another school shooting…this time in an elementary” she responded,

as I silenced all my fears became real.

There are no words…just tears when a Nation bleeds.

I sat in disbelief watching the videos, reading the headlines, and looking at the pictures. My heart sank further.  What is the name of this disease, is there even a name we could find to describe its horror?

There are no words, just tears when a Nation bleeds.

What caused this plague? Is there anyone fighting it, I wondered, as I never see headlines about any actions taken to prevent it. No causes discovered.

There are no words, just tears when a Nation bleeds.

The horror in my heart turns into frustration and evolves into anger as I see millions spent on entertainment while school budgets and real heroes’ salaries shrink.

There are no words…just tears as a Nation bleeds.

I feel my own tears run free on my flustered cheeks as I imagine the fear our children felt, and pray for them, their parents and myself…I have children which I can’t protect while our Nation loses its health.

There are no words…just tears as a Nation bleeds.

So let’s come together to fight this disease, get rid of politics, and business’ greed.  Let’s all voice our anger and demand our leaders to address the problem of not spending in the right place. Let’s demand our work structure to allow us to parent our kids so that they learn to empathize with others. Let’s demand society to advertise and promote real values and real heroes instead of products and celebrities. Let’s force our politics to invest on schools and mental health instead of private agendas.

There are no words…just tears as a Nation bleeds.

I pray that we never forget our children who didn’t get to live, our Nation’s blood lost.  Always remember their families left behind and weep their grief… as our nation bleeds. Never stop demanding our leaders to fight this disease causes, and begin to lead.

Because there are no words …just tears when our nation bleeds.  

Susan Violante is the new Managing Editor for Reader Views. She is also the author of Innocent War (Revised Edition): Behind an Immigrant’s Past Series Book 1.


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  1. Bravo Susan!The craziness that has come over the world is baffling. How an intelligent society such as ours, can stand by and let these things happen is beyond comprehension.Why can’t the local, state or federal Government impose a Luxury Tax on Sporting events, Concerts, etc. of just ten cents? Can you imagine how much money we could have for Fire and Police protection from all the little dimes that would be collected from Football or Baseball games, Rock Concerts or Airline tickets?You can’t tell me that after someone pays fifty bucks to see a concert they would refuse to pay the extra ten cents to see more cops on the street or cops patrolling the schools.

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