Get Into the Game

Guest Post by Dick Warn

Not everyone playing the game of life is truly alive. Some people are watching others, others aren’t watching anyone, and still others are allowing tides of emotion to control them.

P. L. Debevoise said, “Life begins when you get out of the grandstand into the game.”

Why are so many people sitting on the sidelines? Some fear what might happen, others believe it is easier to sit in a rut than climb out, and in almost all cases of non-effective living someone is refusing to make decisions.

Charles Caleb Colton said, “Life isn’t like a book. Life isn’t logical or sensible or orderly. Life is a mess most of the time and must be lived in the midst of that mess.”

Individuals who insist on everything being just right before they make up their mind are playing a game of lose-lose. While waiting to decide, most trains will have already left the station.

Golden opportunities appear for everyone. To take advantage of the ones that come our way we must jump before our chances are gone, which usually means before all facts are in. The game of life isn’t won with perfect moves. The game is won by diving in before we’re ready, which forces us to discover the right moves after we’re committed. Yes, we will often make mistakes, but that is how we learn.

As Alice Abrams said, “In life as in the dance: Grace glides on blistered feet.”


Dick Warn is the author of The Miracle Minute, a weekly email sent free to readers around the world. His latest book, Mystical Mentor can be previewed at


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