What’s It Like to Be a Writer and a Full-time Student?

Guest Post by James Josue

Being a writer is a laborious occupation, being a full-time student can be even more time-consuming, depending on the courses that one is taking. From going to classes to studying for quizzes and exams, from going to college clubs meetings to volunteering, it is not an easy thing to do to say the least.

In order to better understand what it is like be both, an author and a student, first, we are going to look at each one of them separately.

A) Writer

The things you do when you’re a writer (or want to be a writer) range from finding the exact words that match the idea you want to convey to doing research and traveling. Let’s say you want to write a book on Greek mythology or Roman mythology, you will want to read many of the books that are written on these subjects or you will even want to glance at some other myths of other cultures. You might want to learn some key words of the Greek language, you will need to know the gods, the relationships between them and the relationships they have with those which that glorify and serve them.

You might even want to travel to Europe in order to better understand the culture whose myths you are studying. A good way to do so is to survey people, ask them about the myths they have heard about, and the stories their parents or grand-parents have told them.

You will need to get used to some native names and places of that country.  You could hang a big map on the wall of the room in which you usually write. Or you can use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, but it would be better if you could visit the place you want to write about in person in order to get the facts straight. This is also helpful when you want to take pictures of the place; and have personal experiences in a place. It can facilitate your work to write about it. Even music, poetry and other writings from Greece might help you with writing your book—even if they are not myth-related.

When you’re done gathering all the information you need to write your book, you will have to arrange the information in a way that will make it easier for you to write your book.

At that time, you will need to prewrite, draft, revise, publish and market your book. Each one of these steps requires a specific set of skills. And you will need to devote a great deal of time and effort to do each one of them right if you want good results.

B) Student

Sometimes, being a college student can be exhausting. Taking four or more classes during a semester and wanting to do well require sacrifices.

You might have to wake up early if you have class in the morning. You may have to study at least twenty hours a week. And if your major is English, philosophy, psychology—my major—or any other major similar to these, chances are you will have to write at least four research papers. If you’re in an Honor Society like Phi Theta Kappa, you will have to do some volunteering, too. In addition, doing homework and helping friends with theirs, going to club meetings are some other things that come with being a full-time student.

C) Together

As you can see, neither of these occupations easy tasks to do when you put them together, it’s even worse. Furthermore, there are a lot of factors that affect both being an author and a being a student. You might have to work, go to church, and go out with friends and family. You will need time for your girlfriend or boyfriend, your husband or wife and your kids. This is especially true when you are a single parent.

You will also need time for your hobbies if you more than one hobby. Whether your hobby is going fishing, playing a musical, learning a new language or playing soccer, each one of them requires time and practice.

Difficult but not impossible, that’s how I would describe the relationship between being a writer and a full-time student. In order be both a writer and a student, and get good results, you will need to manage your time and get your priorities straight. Good luck! 


James Josue, guitar player, song writer and poet is distinguished scholar known for his love of poetry. He wrote many poems and songs for his local churches. He’s always been fascinated with words and the challenge of understanding their etymologies and meanings.  www.jamesjosue.com

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