Nerd Survival: Finding Cheap Textbooks As Soon As Possible

Guest Post by Maria Jefferies

Buying textbooks for all of your school needs can be expensive if you are on a student budget. But this does not mean that you have to do without. There are ways of finding cheap textbooks as soon as possible if you are resourceful. In this article we will discuss ways and places you can go to find the textbooks you need at a price you can afford.

1. The Internet

The Internet is a great place to find used books or to even sell your old textbooks so you can find the funds for any new books you may need for the upcoming semester. Selling to your local bookstore may not be a good idea as they will decide what is in demand based on the needs of the students around them. They also do not have the same price list to go by as an online bookstore does and you could find that you are losing out on a lot of money you could have received. If you choose to sell online, the company will also send you an envelope with postage paid so you receive no extra out of pocket expenses.  Because they deal with students all over the country, your chances of selling all of your books is better than a local bookstore who may say that they have too many of a certain title.

2. The Local Paper

There are sections in the local paper where you can post ads for free. Usually it runs under the “items under $100” section. You do not need to use a lot of words but merely mention that you have textbooks to sell for whatever topics you have. Students often scan these sections when looking for books or else parents do and can purchase for them. You may find that you will not get quite as much as you would like, especially if you purchased a textbook for full price brand new. But if you could throw in any extras like a cd or workbook that could help out, this could be an extra incentive to get that sale.

3. Make Your Own Flyers and Post Them Around

If you have a printer or love to make up flyers, you could create one and put up copies all around the campus or coffee shops where you know other students will see them. All you need is a cell phone and you can take calls no matter where you need to be. You can meet them at their dorm or at a library and do the exchange. It would be best if you could do a little research yourself though to see what a good price would be for each book so you can still make a profit while allowing the customer an affordable price.

4. Students

Word of mouth is also another affordable marketing strategy. Around campus you get to know quite a few people. If you let some popular students know that you are trying to sell textbooks for certain classes, they may help you to spread the word at a party or event they attend. Most students know how hard it is to find the funds for things like textbooks and may be willing to help you spread the word.

If you are still unsure of where to sell used textbooks for the best price, going online to see what some online book buying stores offer is still your best bet for a sure sale. Since these sites specialize in buying back books, they also have a section where you can buy your new books as well. Selling online is usually the quickest way to both buy and sell school textbooks with the least amount of hassle.

Maria Jefferies is a professional writer who writes about educational articles and e-learning tips and ideas. She also gives tips and ideas to her readers to sell textbooks online and where to sell used textbooks without spending too much of effort.

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