Never Say Never

Guest Post by Dick Warn

A friend of mine was told over and over that he could never achieve his dreams. Had he bought that line of advice he would have remained where he was, which wasn’t anything to be proud of. As it is, he is now married to the love of his life, accomplishing more then he ever dreamed possible, and doing very well financially.

Many people mean well, but not everyone understands what they are talking about. When listening to someone offering advice, always ask yourself this simple question: “Have they done it?”

Aesop, Greek fabulist, said, “Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.”

Jewish Proverb: “Beware of the person who gives you advice according to his own interest.”

Chinese Proverb: “If you want to find out about the road ahead, then ask about it from those coming back.”

It is so easy for other people to say you can’t, when in fact you truly can. If your sights are set on something that you truly want, and if it is something that will make your life better, make up your mind to prove them wrong.

It is amazing what can be done once we break though all of the garbage other people give us.

Nobody actually knows the talents of others.

“Never” is an extremely limiting word.

Dick Warn is the author of The Miracle Minute, a weekly email sent free to readers around the world. His latest book, Mystical Mentor can be previewed at


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