Home-Court Advantage

Guest Post by Dick Warn

In my early years in management I honestly thought that what happened at home stayed at home. That was then. Now, having faced more than enough dysfunctional employees with homes falling apart, I can safely say that painful fires at home cause fires everywhere else. Remember the old saying, “If mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy.” 

To achieve happiness we must follow the sage advice of Stephen Covey when he said, “To be all that we can be we must first learn to keep first things first.”

Have I always done this? No. In my second marriage my work came first. How well did that work out? It didn’t. With the passing of time, little sparks grew into blazing fires, which eventually (18 years later), ended in a painful divorce. Somehow I had thought I could live in two separate worlds.

To become all that we were meant to be and find happiness within ourselves, our home life (wherever it is) must be resting on solid ground. Not rock-solid or perfect, because perfection is beyond our reach, but firm enough to hold us up when things at work are falling apart.

It takes inner strength to deal with workplace insanity, and that inner strength comes from knowing that our home life is solid. It gives us a home-court advantage.

Dick Warn is the author of The Miracle Minute, a weekly email sent free to readers around the world. www.TheMiracleMinute.com His latest book, Mystical Mentor can be previewed at www.MysticalMentor.com


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