Freedom versus Security

Guest Post by Alan Appt 

Under the current structure of society, individuals are subject to big government scrutiny and limited surveillance, relating to so called local traffic cameras, parking lot cams, highway cams, retail and private business cams. All of the cameras are usually accessible by computer. In addition to the aforementioned our social security numbers, GPS surveillance, The Patriot Act, Drivers license, passports, the IRS, our personal computers, e-mail, fax transmissions, and cell phone tracking through GPS, also expose us and infringe on our privacy by physical location. Then to add, insult to injury there is unwarranted search-and-seizure. 

 In addition, our freedom now possibly exposed through the new potential threat of Drone Aircraft surveillance. The lack of privacy is a significant determent relating to all of the above removing to a great degree our personal privacy and subsequent individuality from us all. 

Invasion of Individual lives by technology may remove solitude and personal freedom and peace from our lives. The loss of freedom and personal privacy is a deprivation, analogous to a form incarceration. Prison inmates, which lose their freedom, privacy and liberty; and which may eventually inhibit their normality, and their ultimate ability to function in society is not necessary rehabilitation. However, though incarceration may be essential it does not necessary focus on the inmate’s issues but rather on punishment for their actions. Eventually the only difference in the prisoners and us regarding perception of reality and freedom may ultimately only be the lack of physical jail bars. The current structure clearly states the purpose for surveillance techniques relates to security, but simultaneously is an absolute invasion of privacy and personal freedom. 

Pathetically, for additional invasive acts of privacy incursions we are now looking at a “body chip” implant for identification purposes in the near future. I am certain it is likely and could be a great aid in potential criminal and terrorist threats and activities. However, Benjamin Franklin stated,” when you give up freedom for security you deserve neither.” 

It appears that sociological change with enhanced security in our society relates more to fundamental control for the intended purpose of detection of terrorism and criminality. Nevertheless, relinquishing freedom for security is ultimately not only losing our freedom but our individuality. The portions of the population that do not understand what foregoing liberty can lead to; become more susceptible to bigger and more powerful governments. 

The anti gun advocates and their attempts to regulate and or remove guns form society, from law-abiding citizens, which would further impede our freedom and facilitate a vulnerability to potentially our own self-defense, not to mention the possibility of a tyrannical style government never before seen in this country. 

In all of the recent shootings, background checks regarding criminal records and mental health issues did not create a difference in the shooters acquiring of a firearm. I believe what should be addressed, are not law-abiding citizens owning guns but rather a determination of what actions precipitated the shooters violent acts. When this question, relating to the actual cause of the shootings is ever resolved and not the instrument used in the act itself, (the gun), this is where the focus of attention should be placed. With almost all our freedom involuntarily relinquished, it would be uncomplicated for unscrupulous government to become tyrannical. The word freedom does not seem to transmit the same significance and connotation it did at one time in our society. 

“Big Brother” George Orwell’s book “1984” was the first to put security concerns onto a paper format.  Orwell discussed the attack of government into our personal lives and the   repercussions it would perpetuate to our everyday freedom. 

Unfortunately, intervention of any nature regarding any subject when implemented on a gradually basis are usually not noticed or realized until it is too late. With the initiation of enough freedom grabbing” baby steps “the small steps suddenly an ultimately become an uncontrollable and very much unwanted monster. 

Without the degree of freedom necessary, may impede our ability to live the individual life we desire. In addition, developing a phobia of an increased constant surveillance whether by camera or personal infringement is an incursion and will inhibit our individuality. 

Our freedom is a precious commodity, which should be guarded, and cherished.

Should we sacrifice our freedom for security?


I. Alan Appt, author of “The Strength in Knowing”

Read the first Chapter at 

The Strength in Knowing is a powerful and personal narrative of one’s journey to achieve true happiness and near ultimate awareness. Appt’ life experiences are interpreted to reveal a fresh and essential path to a heightened understanding of beliefs, love, peace, and joy, as well as personal and spiritual development. 

Over the past two decades, he has taught and practiced intense meditation on a daily basis. He is proficient and Master in and has taught Universal Energy (UE) for (Healing) as well as Kinesiology. Appt is a graduate student in early 1992 from the School of Universal Energy. He is a spiritual counselor, motivational speaker and an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

 “The Strength in Knowing” is available at, Barnes &, and bookstores. There is also a Kindle version available


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