Publicity Coach. Do You Need One?

Okay, your book is out. You are done with the book launch publicity campaign, and are finally settling down after all of the book tours and interviews. So, what now? Will sales keep coming even though the publicity campaign is over? Soon we realize that the answer is no. As we see the sales drop and the ranking number in Amazon go up. But don’t panic. It is true that we need to make the most of the book launch campaign to make up the investment before the title becomes old. But does this mean that we won’t be able to sell the title after its first year? I don’t believe it does. I think it depends on the author’s platform whether or not the title keeps selling. This is where a publicity coach comes in.

Having a publicist is great if you can afford them. But if you are on an indie budget, a publicist would be difficult to keep in your budget beyond the launching campaign. In this case, creative spending on publicity becomes crucial. Having a Publicity coach, if used wisely, doesn’t have to be unaffordable.  Here are some ideas on how to invest in a publicity coach.

1) Find Publicity coaches that you can hire by the hour as well as by packages. Check out what they are all about and contact them to see if they will give you a phone free consultation. Then set up a phone appointment.

2) Before you go on the phone appointment, make a list of things that you want the publicity coach to help you with. It could be brainstorming for promotion ideas, help you with contacting the media for your special events, online publicity campaigns and website maintenance.

3) Once at your phone appointment, make sure you find out how the coach can help you with those tasks, what their fees are and if they can break it into payment plans.

Once you did your homework, you have to make a decision on how to use this information. Will you hire the coach to just do these tasks every time, or will you pay attention and learn as he helps you so that you can do them yourself?

For example, I encounter many first time authors who do not know how to manage their Amazon author central page, and sometimes when I am handling their second or third books, they ask me the same questions about Amazon because they haven’t learned how to manage their.

This is a small example, but that doesn’t make it unimportant. Amazon is the main storefront for most indie authors. If the author can’t manage their Author Central to make it more active by uploading videos, podcasts, events calendars, and even blog entries, they are missing out on a great opportunity for publicity and marketing, as most readers browse and get information about a book from Amazon.

A publicity coach hired to make the most of your storefront to publicize your book would take advantage of all the technology involved so that your main store front always has the latest information to make it possible for a reader or fan to find out about the authors events without going anywhere else. A wise author would pay attention and ask questions as well as give input in order to make the most of Amazon, but also to learn from the coach.

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