Reader Views Update – Welcome Jennifer Full-Time!

Post by Susan Violante

The process of taking Reader Views and its affiliates to the next chapter has been very interesting, to say the least. Although I had been working next to Irene for a few years, I only had a general vision of the business as most of the details were handled directly by her. Needless to say, how overwhelming and nerve-wracking I felt at the beginning as I second guessed all of my ideas and actions.  Slowly but surely, I kept moving forward motivated by Irene’s memory and my own goals, and here we are almost mid-2013 and still going!

It took a while to figure out where the pieces of the puzzle fit. One piece at a time things started working out, and key people began to emerge. I had announced Jennifer as the Director of Social Media and Posting, and Juliana as the Director of Contests. I am now happy to welcome Jennifer permanently as she joined us in our journey going from part-time to full time!

Jennifer has been part of our team as long as myself, and having her expertise, dedication, and fun personality aboard full-time is exactly what Book By Book Publicity needs to push Reader Views and our affiliates to the next level.  Here are some of the new things having her full-time made possible:

  • Reader Views and RebeccasReads Social Network Revival! We are now 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter interacting with all of you wonderful authors & readers! So come to our page, “Like us” and be interactive. Things do happen when we all get together! Don’t be surprised if you all of a sudden find one of the copies you sent us being recycled as a Book Give-Away to put your name out there!
  • We are establishing a relationship with our community airwaves radio to pitch our authors for interviews by invitation only as we pitch according to what the programming needs are. This means if we have you on our data base you could get an invitation. It is happening! The first interview has been booked for this summer!
  • Blogger Reviews are up and running and we are now going further with this as we plan full blown Blog Tours!
  • The Literary Contests have gone Digital, and with Juliana’s help soon we’ll be able to fill our participants with perks through Social Media Campaigning, and Book Giveaways.

This is just the beginning.  Many new ideas are flowing in our office, so keep reading the newsletter as we develop them into affordable publicity for your books! We will be here, as always, dedicating our time to find new ways to get your books out there while fitting in your budget…with PR perks for being our favorite Authors. I hope you all help me to welcome Jennifer as a full-time member of our family…Finally!

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