The Genius Mind Is Focused Meditation

Guest post by David Judd Nutting

The term Meditation encompasses a broad variety of practices that have evolved over the centuries intimately bound up with religious content. Meditation in the religious sense aims to sustain a single-pointed concentration meant to enable the practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being. Meditation turns out to be a natural God given function of the human brain.  Remember when you found yourself daydreaming. Daydreaming is when you are totally focused on a past happy experience or it could be that sports car you just saw envisioning yourself in the driver seat. Daydreaming is a mental state when your 5 senses are inactive, totally shut down and your active conscious state is totally focused one thought or objective or focused meditation.

Meditation of the genius mind is a controlled state of daydreaming. Just as you learned to walk and talk you can teach your own mind to deactivate your own five senses. For some people they will teach themselves quickly, for most others a little longer. This is a natural process that takes great self-discipline and practice and more practice over a long period of time. It is like a professional athlete that practices their moves over and over so they become automatic. To establish your life’s purpose and set your goals in life, start with one totally focused thought. To become master of your mind you meditate with a purpose, a goal, not a mindfulness meditation to relieve stress or a state of psychophysical relaxation. The genius mind has trained itself to instantly shut down all five senses and focus on one objective and then to instantly turn back on all five senses. No inputs from the eyes or no sounds to confused the brains neural network. You can be in a state when all five senses are operational to all events around you yet your brain is not recording these inputs.  I have studied some geniuses like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein and discovered focus meditation came to them naturally and unknowingly. In some humans it comes naturally but you can also train your brain to shut down all five senses. There is no one method to achieve focused meditation that would apply to all humans, you must fine your own solution but most importantly you know it is possible to train your mind to become a genius.

Over many decades I have developed a process I refer to as: Thought Talk. Thought Talk  is a state of mind when all five senses become inactive and your conscious mind of thought and reason communicate directly with your subconscious mind. This is what meditation is all about. To understand Thought Talk , I will now take the reader into the human mind and reveal the inner workings of the human brain. I will keep this voyage as simple and direct as possible.

All humans are born with a brain, just as we all have two eyes to see, two ears to hear, a nose to smell, a tongue to taste, and senses to touch. My brain is about the same size and weight ( 3 lbs) as yours, so there is virtually no difference in our physical brains. Our brain looks like a bowel of cooked spaghetti.  Inside we will find three functional areas, the motor sensory brain that controls all human movement of our muscles like hands and legs plus heart and breathing. The subconscious mind that records every experience we have had in our lives since age two and then the conscious mind of our five senses plus our super conscious mind of thought and reason. Each of these three functional areas is a neural network composed of neurons that are all inter connected. A neuron functions the same within each neural network, the difference is in how all those neurons are connected. The human brain has around one billion neurons with over a trillion connections. There are over four billion cell phones on our planet, less than one billion would be operational at the same time. The human mind has more communication power than all the cell phones on planet earth. The most powerful man made computer cannot come close the human mind. Your laptop computer has the compute power of a house fly.

Now bear with me as I explain the functions of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind of our five senses becomes your recording studio. Every experience in your life from your schooling, learning from your parents, traveling, playing with friends has been recorded in your subconscious mind. This becomes your biological memory warehouse as to who you are.  No one on planet earth will have a warehouse of memories like yours. Many experiences were insignificant and were not recorded as filtered by the hippocampus (super traffic cop).  Our subconscious mind is a predictive memory system. It knows what it knows and knows what it does not know. As you walk and talk your mind is predicting everything you are doing because you have done that before many times. When your mind does not recognize the experience that is happening, it jumps into a learning mode. So now the new experience is being recorded into your memory warehouse for future recall. As I related earlier you first learned to ride a two wheel bike, you would fall over-get up and try it again. After several bruised knees and elbows the neurons in your motor control network have now programed your muscles to ride a two wheel bike. The human mind has the incredible ability to teach and train itself. Mind control, be master of your mind.

Now we are going to learn about Meditation. The conscious mind is of two functions, your recording studio of your five senses and your super conscious mind of thought and reason. Proper meditation requires you shut down your recording studio. Primarily no sight, no sound the other three senses are dormant. All your neural networks are clear and open ready to receive your thought message. 

The only active component is your super conscious mind of thought and reason. The only link to your subconscious mind is now the super conscious mind of thought and reason. We are now set up for Thought Talk, to have a direct personal conversation with your subconscious mind. Your silent partner who knows more about who you are than you do because your partner is your own memory. The subconscious mind is always functioning 24/7 it never sleeps.  So ask you silent partner to be a problem solver, ask a question. So as you fall asleep your silent partner searches through all past experiences looking for answers. A few hours later you wake up and there is the answer. Another function of Thought Talk is to give directives. A thought from your conscious brain can become recorded in the subconscious the same as an experience forever recorded. With Thought Talk meditation you can implant into your subconscious mind your hopes your dreams to be remembered as a thought experience. As you travel through life in your daily experiences your subconscious mind will alert you when an opportunity arises that matches the instructions that you told your subconscious mind to be alert for.  

Now some specific do’s and don’ts about Thought Talk. Your subconscious mind is neutral. It does not know right from wrong or good and evil. There is no eraser in the subconscious mind so be well prepare. You cannot say forget what I just told you. A memory you want to forget can only be achieved with a positive new experience that will override the memory you want to forget. So when you converse with your subconscious mind, be as precise as you can, like a drill sergeant and be repetitive. Repetition helps strengthen a memory experience.

Training your mind to shut down your recording studio and to focus your super conscious mind of thought and reason with one focused thought, you are now in charge of your mind, you are now master of your mind. Like daydreaming,

Thought Talk is a natural brain function.  Become master of your mind through

Thought Talk.  I have practiced Thought Talk for over 50 years and it works every time if properly practiced.

An interesting observation to ponder; when you are in Thought Talk  mode with all five senses shut down, your super conscious mind and your subconscious mind are in communication implanting a new thought experience into the subconscious mind, this process now becomes your sixth sense! You are implanting a thought just as you have implanted all your experiences in life into your subconscious mind. Be careful for which you wish for!!

About the Author:  David Judd Nutting has spent his professional career as an Industrial Designer and Inventor and now as an Author. As a consulting designer for Willys Motors, Nutting designed the first SUV the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and went on to designed the Enstrom Helicopter plus a multitude of other products. With his own R&D firm Dave Nutting Associates Nutting pioneered the world of Video games for Bally/Midway Mfg. Games like Gunfight, Seawolf, Pacman, Gorf, Tron, and Baby Pac Pin, Wizard of Wor. As an author in 2005 he wrote: Language of Nature-Quantum World Revealed and just published “Secrets to a Creative Mind-Become the Master of Your Mind”. (genius mind revealed)



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