Are book readers ready to fall in love with a good screenplay too?

Guest Post by Armelle Cloche

Self-publishing did not only empower once unknown but talented writers such as Amanda Hocking, H.M. Ward, and Hugh Howey to find great success and connect directly with their audience, it also gave a glimpse of hope to screenwriters.

Here’s a tricky question, even for movie lovers: “Name your favorite screenwriters. C’mon, who wrote Casablanca, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Lion King for example? Three movies that met with incredible worldwide success. Mystified? You’re not the only one.

If most famous book authors are known to the mass, propelled by their fan clubs and the media limelight, famous screenwriters – at the exception of the few who found recognition as actors or directors, such as Ben Affleck & Matt Damon, Quentin Tarentino or Woody Allen – remain in the shadow of the fantastic movies they wrote.

The obvious reason for screenwriters’ dark world is the unglamorous nature of their job. After much struggle getting noticed in the Hollywood shark tank, once they finally make a sale, producers, directors and actors take over the control of the story they crafted and most of the credits for the final film made. Most screenwriters are not even allowed on the movie set. It’s true.  

That’s why you may have a deep admiration for a movie like “Lincoln,” you know Steven Spielberg directed it, you remember vividly the names and faces of Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field, but you most likely have no idea who is the talented screenwriter who wrote to whole movie. The answer is: Tony Kushner. 

This article is not about Tony Kusher, but about the few screenwriters who started to see in ebook self-publishing, a way to connect directly with the public for whom they spend months and years penning good movies.

You will not find many screenplays in the ebook market yet. It’s just starting, and if you love to be the first to discover the next trend and social change (where was “chick lit” and “paranormal romance” three years ago?) this is the time to get curious.

We’ve reached another benchmark moment in the ebook world. Book readers can now read screenplays that are fresh, flowing and translate off the page before the movies get made. 

Talented book authors and screenwriters have one thing in common. They are great story tellers. They write to enchant the public and move the world.

Thanks to ebook self-publishing, screenwriters may finally get a chance to be known and respected for their undying passion and talents for writing movies that will take your heart and mind away for a lifetime.

This is a guest blog written by Armelle Cloche, screenwriter of the fantasy October 3rd, author of “10 Effective Ways to Promote & Sell My Screenplay” and several other books.

She can be reached at ac (at) Armelle .com or


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