Books for Children

Guest Post by Savannah Mae

I am reaching out to the public to get this going! Here is how WE are going to make this happen:

  • You purchase a specific children’s title from that I post and have it mailed to me as a gift. Once I reach the goal of at least 15 copies….
  • I will set up a reading time (at different places such as Dell Children’s Hospital) to read a story or chapter from a book.
  • I would then hand out the donated books to the children to keep.

My plan is to reach as many children as possible. I cannot make this happen without everyone’s help. Together we can make a difference & support an Indie author. In addition, I intend on expanding the books to abused women in shelters and our beloved seniors.

First things first! I need YOUR help in spreading the word and purchasing a print copy of the book. You can purchase and donate as many as you would like but if everyone could just buy 1, it will make such a huge difference for these children.

During my visits and readings with children, I hope to be able to do short n sweet video’s, photo’s or audio of the kids thanking those who have donated. I have already contacted Susan of Book by Book Publicity and she is excited to broadcast this mission on the newsletters she sends out.

Will you help too?

Just to entice you a little more, whoever contributes to this mission will have a spot to promote themselves with advertisement space on the Books for Children’s mission page right here on my blog. This page will rotate with other highlights and posts as the home page.

I got this amazing idea while reading The Treasures of Destiny by Laurie Harman Wilson. My idea has now become a vision. The only way I can make this vision come to life is with your help!


All you have to do is click the book cover and it will take you right to Amazon. $8.96 for this title!

Say What Savannah Mae
Books for Children
Po Box 200609
Austin TX 78720

Here is the next book!


Savannah Mae: I read lots of books. I have been reviewing books for a little over a year that are written by budding authors-some names you may know and most you may not. I hope to help spread the good news about what I read.

You can check out my websites or catch up with me on Facebook and my Facebook Kids Page

Say What? Savannah Mae Kids

Say What? Savannah Mae

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