Woman and Digitalism

Guest Post by Shella Vugomzki

(Monologue of a woman of a certain age)

To me, living in modern age means, apart from other things, constantly being reminded about my less than satisfactory digitalism.   Ok, with a passage of time each of us has to adjust to the notion of working harder to mitigate the impact of inevitable change on the body and mind.  As if it isn’t enough, digitalism has risen rapidly from obscurity and become a very serious issue, especially for those whose interests belong to humanitarian domain.   Technology debased many of the longings for the times when women’s hands were kissed and the balls were held in the candlelight mansions.  Of course, it would be very nice to be pursued by a few romantically inclined gentlemen…. 

Unfortunately, everything comes at a price.  Wouldn’t it be awful to be considered already old at my age?   What would I do without my gym, jeans, computer, TV set, mobile phone — to crochet during the long evenings and travel for weeks and months on bumpy and dusty roads to see the world?   What about my favorite e-books I love to read during the hours of flight?  Mind you, it is also a window of opportunity for a man to strike a conversation with me.  Should I ditch it? No way. I am not willing to give up what the digital world provides.  Wholeheartedly, I opt for my life in digital age with all the frustration at digitalism or to be correct, at my lack of the necessary skills.  At the end of the day, skills can be mastered.  Don’t you agree?

Shella Vugomzki is an Australian-educated counselor of Ukrainian background who is passionate about motivating weight loss, self-esteem and goal achievement. Letters to my Girlfriend about Love, Weight and Peaceful Revolution is her first book. 


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